URGENT: Which schools do not need SAT2???

I am an international student who is doing my A levels in November. I am now deciding on the US universities to apply to and it’s really troubling me coz I have got 1340 for my SAT1 the first time i took it. I didn’t quite study for it coz I didn’t think I would apply to the US. Yup. So now at this point of time I only have one more chance of doing SAT which is the 4 Dec one. And I gotta decide whether to take SAT2 so that I can apply to most colleges, or to take SAT1 again to improve it, then only apply to those schools which only require SAT1 scores. Now there’s another problem…besides Michigan, what other colleges do not need SAT2?? Please help. This is really urgent. Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

<p>Many colleges do not require SAT ii; it depends where/what colleges you're looking for, because there's too many to list.
AT collegeboard.com, you can read a school's profile and see if it requires it</p>

<p>of coz i am looking for good colleges lol. about michigan standard? Don't mind lib arts college.. and I am going to do psychology..</p>

<p>most dont require SAT II's, its only the top schools like the IVY's, and like the top 30 private schools. the UC's require SAT II's., and i think they are the only publics that do.</p>

<p>Many schools like Duke have it so that if you take the ACT, you dont have to take SAT II's or the SAT</p>

<p>hmmm..but I don't take the ACT, don't think it's offered overseas..what you guys think? should I just go ahead and take SAT2 so I can continue applying the top schools? or take SAT1 again to boost my chances of getting into any schs that do not require SAT2?</p>

<p>depends how much you think you can improve on your SAT, and how you think you'll go on your SAT2s</p>

<p>it seems to me that you'll be taking all 3 SAT2s in one sitting... do you think you can do well on all 3?</p>

<p>I think some top Ivies dont require SAT IIs, so make sure you check them out
Good luck.</p>

<p>Another option would be to take the SAT2s in Nov (it's right before the A levels) and then the SAT1 in December. I know the registration deadline for the Nov test is supposedly over, but you can always register as a last-minute candidate: just go down to a test centre that very day and ask if they have extra scripts/seats for you. That's what my friend did; all she had to do afterward was send a check to collegeboard. (Of course, there'll be an extra surcharge for late registration). You might like to give that a shot, but if not, I would suggest taking the SAT2s first, since most selective colleges require that for application.</p>

<p>Go to the following for a fairly comprehensive list of colleges that either require or recommend SAT II's: <a href="http://nnhscareercenter.home.comcast.net/PDFs/sat2.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://nnhscareercenter.home.comcast.net/PDFs/sat2.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>The 2,000 or more other 4 year colleges in the US that do not appear on that list neither require nor recommend them.</p>

<p>Drusba, Thanks for posting that - very helpful information. I noticed that some schools on the list only required the SAT II writing - I would expect that once the new SAT I includes the writing section you won't have to also take the SAT II writing.</p>

<p>thanx drusba..that was very useful! :) But i think i still need some time to think about it...ARRGH! so stressed
supergirl: I am quite afraid I'd compromise my A levels..coz I still have a Bio-Medical Admission Test (for Medicine in University College London) on 3 Nov..which is already very near A levels..hmmmm
anyway thanx everyone!! And I hope more opinions keep flowing in~ :)</p>

<p>and btw..another question for all..
I heard that once ur SAT II Writing is not bad..ur SAT I doesn't really matter that much anymore. Is it true? and as long as u hit the average it should be alright...
my breakdown is: 610 Verbal, 730 Math..</p>

<p>From above:</p>

<p>"I would expect that once the new SAT I includes the writing section you won't have to also take the SAT II writing."</p>

<p>Correct; in fact, the SAT II writing will be discontinued after the new SAT goes into effect.</p>

<p>"I heard that once ur SAT II Writing is not bad..ur SAT I [verbal] doesn't really matter that much anymore. Is it true?"</p>

<p>Generally not correct. However, very high SAT II scores can help if you have a lower SAT and a number of schools (e.g., all UCs) give more weight to SAT II's than the SAT in determining admission.</p>