URGENT: Will UC calculate into my GPA from another university with different major in another country?

I attended in another university in Vietnam with accounting major 6 years ago, then quit to move to the US. Will UC count into my GPA when I apply for computer science? They are totally different majors.

It does not matter that the courses you took in Vietnam were in a different major. If the UC’s consider them transferable, the grades could be calculated into your GPA. It is up to the UC’s to decide, not you so hopefully you did disclose those courses when you filled out the UC application.

I will also add that since the courses were taken 6 years ago, that your more current classes and grades will hold more weight than your older grades and classes.

so the different major and totally different classes with computer sciences, maybe not even in the a-g requirements list, will still calculate into my GPA? But I apply for computer science, not accounting

I am not familiar with the system in Vietnam so I do not know if you have to take courses outside your major. Did you take any English, History, Math classes etc… for the Accounting major which could be also considered as transferable to the UC’s?

Even if none of the courses will be transferable, the UC’s require that you report all College courses taken and that you submit a transcript of these courses.

I didn’t report the school directly because I didn’t have unofficial transcript. I did mention in section of “gap in education” that I attended the school then move to the US. The grades was bad, because I was focusing on learning English, the bachelors degrees in Vietnam doesn’t even get recognized in other countries, so I wasn’t focus on those classes.

I hope they don’t count those classes into my GPA, I’m kinda worry right now. However, it doesn’t make sense to count into my GPA for the classes that don’t relate to GE or my major right?

Most likely they will not count in your GPA but you are still required to submit a transcript of these classes prior to enrolling. If you cannot get a copy of the transcript, then you need to notify the UC’s and find out your options.

Again, it is up to the UC’s to determine what counts and what doesn’t.