<URGENT> Would you recommend me a dorm?

<p>Hi, I'm planning to attend SoC (and hopefully Weinburg as well)
since I'm going to study theater arts and economics (double major, yes)</p>

<p>Would you recommend me the dorm building that fits me?</p>

<p>Thank you</p>

<p>Jones, Willard, Shepard, 1835 Hinman, Communications Residential College</p>

<p>Chapin, East Fairchild, Shepard, 1835 and Willard</p>

<p>Elder- All freshmen. (This was my top choice).
Allison/Willard- Good mix of everyone.
Jones- Theater
Ayers CCI- Fits your economics major.</p>

<p>Most of the theatre kids in Jones that I speak to love it. Close to all the right buildings.</p>

<p>CRC (Communications Res College) has some theatre majors. We’re mostly film/comm studies/Medill, but we love everyone! We have multiple film/econ doubles, if you wanted some specific SoC/Econ connections.</p>

<p>For big dorms, 1835 Hinman and Allison are good choices. If you can get into Willard or Shepherd, most people seem to love their varied feel.</p>