<p>Sorry guys, but I have an urgent, time sensitive question. I don't know why, but forgot to request my AP scores to be sent to the schools I am transferring to. My scores are pretty dismal (4,3,2), so would it even be worth requesting a rush order or just scrap it?</p>

Scrap the 2. See if you can get credit for 3. The 4 is pretty nice. You can still ask the collegeboard to send your official scores (each one to each school) but it'll cost you.</p>

<p>You don't need to have your AP scores sent until you are accepted and decide to attend a school. Schools just want you to self-report for the application process. Once you matriculate, they will want the official report so that they can give you appropriate credit (same thing for your final college transcript).</p>

<p>You're fine :)!</p>


<p>I'm sorry, by scrap do you mean simply don't self-report it? Do AP score reports work like SAT ones in that... the reporting of one= reporting of all?</p>

<p>bring up my post please</p>

<p>If I understand it right...basically you can just report the AP scores AFTER you're accepted, and they will judge which courses to give you credit for. It doesn't matter if they see the 2, by then you're already accepted.</p>