<p>Today, i took 3 sat subject tests.. even though i had only registered for 2..
.. i had read on collegeboard that one can pay at the time of the test and do it..
but, when i went to the instructor there, he told me that i dont have to pay the test centre and instead have to pay online.. while i could fill in the test
.. so now , i went online, checked my registration.. clicked on "make changes".. and nothing happened..
so what should i do/ how shd i pay them?</p>

<p>im pretty positive you get a bill in the mail</p>

<p>Yeah, dbroncos is right. You'll be billed. Don't worry about it. Your efforts will count.</p>

i m not in the US.. so would they still send it?</p>

<p>They will probably just bill the credit card you used when you registered.</p>