URI ecampus questions / just accepted

Have not yet rec’d acceptance letter from URI, but status on e-campus says “accepted” We are expecting merit aid for grades, according to DD HS counselor… but I do not see any aid or award info on e-campus. Under the “fin aid” tab, basically no info. Anyone else see anything there? TY

For the EA decisions the “accepted” was posted on the porta on January 15 and then a letter in the mail came almost 2 weeks later. It was another week or more until another letter arrived that contained the merit based award.(so over 3 weeks from the portal saying accepted until we learned of merit money) It was sort of annoying/frustrating that all the info was not together. Not sure if this will be the same time-line for RD so it may be worth a call to the admissions office to ask about when you can anticipate learning of merit based money

THANK YOU! I did call, but due to stormy weather in RI, offices are closed. I will phone tomorrow.

Just curious, was you merit aid any good?

I am out of state so I think those amounts are higher due to the price difference in tuition. (13,700K in state compared to 30,700K out of state for tuition). I have no idea what the maximum awards are or the various scholarships but the award was 13,200 per year

The Centennial Scholarship is the best merit scholarship (It used to be a full tuition scholarship) It is 5k per year for instate for a total of 20k over 4 years with a GPA requirement of only 2.8. You have to make sure you don’t dip below full time credits with this scholarship if you withdraw or fail a class - FYI. I think the very highest OOS merit is 18k. @barryfan 13.2 is a good amount of aid for OOS.

gearmom- thanks. the 13.2 was very much appreciated and makes URI much more affordable for an OSS. (Too bad they are not one of the schools that freezes tuition)

@barryfan It would be nice if they froze tuition. That is why Stafford loans are stepped, to cover tuition increases. Good students, though, have chances at departmental scholarships in certain fields at URI which can help.

@barryfan My son applied EA, has a 4.2 weighted GPA. We are instate. He received only 2K in scholarships. So the $13K for OOS is pretty good

@km9413 I don’t understand that. Can you try to appeal? What was his SAT?

I was not at all complaining about the amount of the merit award- just being lighthearted regarding tuition freeze as some schools have the practice of freezing for 4 years. we are very appreciative of the $$ awarded as 30K plus for out of state tuition is more than we would have been willing to pay otherwise. and as far as those in state who received the 2K that brings the tuition down to around 11K a year which seems pretty reasonable for college tuition (these days!)