URI Financial Aid?

Does anyone have an update on when financial aid awards will be given? I received my merit scholarship with my letter, but nothing about need-based aid. When will we know about that?

I have not received yet - can you explain your package to me and your grades? I am just curious - I receive acceptance but nothing else yet?

Same here. My son has received acceptance but no letter yet.

Financial aid information was available this am in the portal for my daughter. Merit (which we already knew about) plus financial aid option.

Thanks for the update @mistreshijas. I just checked E Campus and my son’s aid info isn’t there yet. Maybe they don’t do them all at once…

@Theojohn Just in case … you may already have done this. To access it in the portal, I scrolled down on the home page to “View Financial Aid,” clicked on that, then clicked on “2019” under Aid Year. It all came in for me this am. But given how randomly it seems information gets released, I thought I’d let people know from my end.

Yes thanks did that. Just not there yet. Hopefully soon! At least now I know it should be soon :slight_smile:

Yeah mine became available a few days ago