URM, 3.1 GPA, Good letters of Rec, Good school, now, where can I transfer to?

<p>Hello all,
I have recently completed my first year at NYU's Stern School of Business. I am a URM with a 3.2 GPA, did well in high school (3.75 UW, 4.0 , 1920 SAT, lots of AP's), good letters of Rec. For whatever reason, I do not feel like I click with NYU Stern perfectly, so I am considering transferring after next year. Assuming the above data, I am not sure where it is plausible to transfer to. I know I do not have fantastic grades, but I was hoping being a URM would help me out. I was looking for schools with great business/Econ programs, since I am considering leaving a very prestigious one. I really like NYU and the city and Stern, but figured if there was some possibility of me being able to get into a better school, that I might perhaps indeed transfer.</p>

<p>Here is a list of schools I have put together, in order from "why the hell not" to "should maybe get in" (don't laugh, please!). I know this list is massive, so helping me eliminate some of them would be great too. Do I have ANY chance in hell of getting into the first 6?</p>

USC (Marshall)
Georgetown (McDonough)
UVa (McIntire)
Notre Dame
UC Berkeley (CA resident-Haas)
UCLA (CA Resident)
Boston College</p>

<p>okay, well, reality check: nearly every school up there is laughable. And, out of order. Dartmouth is like impossible to transfer into.</p>

<p>my suggestion: I know everyone days "DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE SATs WHEN TRANSFERRING." However, you need to show the adcoms that you really are intellectually impressive. (Something that your GPA does not show.) If you want to convince them that NYU was simply just not for you, and you're still smart, go and annihilate the SATs with like a 2300+.</p>

<p>Otherwise, I really don't foresee you getting into any of those schools. Even UCLA would be really, really tough for you.</p>

<p>You have a shot at NW and BC, but why would you go from Stern to BC??</p>

<p>Sorry, it's not going to happen. Schools care very little, if at all, that you're an URM in the selection process. I just completed this years round of admissions (transfer), and, let me tell you, it was brutal. You can look at my stats on a previous post, but I believe I was in a better position than you were when trying to transfer (not to knock you or anything, it's just a fact). From being involved with the selection of appointees in the governors office (I was on a selection committee for the governing board of higher education in my state) to being student body vp and being editor of the literary magazine still did not get me into any of the schools on your list. Don't do it. It will be a HUGE waste of time.</p>

<p>If you'd done ANY research, you'd know that there's no chance of getting into P as a transfer since they don't take any. Your college gpa is going to hurt you at those schools as they all have many highly qualified applicants to choose from. There is no URM transfer data, but I wouldn't count on diversity playing the role that it does in fr admissions.</p>

<p>I'd say there's little if any chance unless you do extremely well next semester, no offense. I just transferred out of NYU Stern with a 3.175 GPA (at the time of applying), and higher HS stats than yours, and trust me, I know there was no way I could have gotten into those. I was rejected to UVA (pre-McIntire) and waitlisted at William & Mary (which I would guess is more transfer-friendly than most, if not all, of what you have listed). I did get into UNC, so you may have a shot there, but you can only apply to the Arts and Sciences program, you'd have to apply separately once there to the business school. Also, I think it was my HS stats that got me anywhere with my applications, and since you'd be applying for junior year, HS stats will matter even less (meaning your lower than average GPA will matter even more). Unless your ECs and recommendations are fantastic, and you think you can write very strong essays while still increasing your GPA, I wouldn't do it. The transfer process is incredibly time-consuming, especially if you're applying to more than one or two schools, and if you're set on transferring "up" I don't think it'll happen.</p>

<p>i'm going to also say no to those. if you can stay another year at stern and boost your gpa to 3.5+, then you may have a chance at <em>some</em> selective schools, but definitely not any of those first ones. a 3.5+ may open some doors for you though, so i would really focus on that.</p>

<p>ah ok. This actually really helps. I didn't have my heart set on transferring, I just wanted to know if it was feasible to get into any of the schools I had listed, or just abandon the thought altogether. I figured if there was the <em>slightest</em> chance of me be accepted to any of the schools, I might go ahead and try, but this is actually what I expected. I am happy at Stern, have great friends, involved in a lot of EC's, and am in a fraternity, so leaving would have been difficult.</p>