(URM) Chances of Admission

<p>Prospective (AA) Student for the class of 2015.</p>

<p>I'll give you the shell of my resume, so you can give me your thoughts / advice on admission:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.23 / 3.78
SAT 1: 680 Math 660 CR 700 Writing
SAT 2: French 720 Math 1 (october) Literature (october)</p>

NSL - 5
World History - Awaitiring score
English Language - Awaiting score
Physics B - Awaiting score
Psychology - Awaiting score</p>

Debate Team (2009 - present) --- County Finals competitor
Forensics Team (2009 - Presnt) --- 4th place in county for extemporaneous speech
-5th place in county for persuasive speech
-1st place in the J Franklyn Bourne Bi-county Oratorical contest
President of the Walter Johnson Rock Climbing Club (2008 - Present)
Tutor of WJ's French Honors Society (2008 - present)
Black Student Union (2007- Present)
Minority Scholars Program (2007 - Present)</p>

Competitor of USA Climbing (2007 - present)
Competitor of USA Diving (2000 - 2007)
National recognition for Rock Climbing (15th place in 2010, 12th Place in 2009)
National / international recongtion for Diving from 2004-2007 **left after extensive injury. </p>

<p>Your thoughts/ advice on admission are encouraged!</p>

<p>Exactly what schhol are you aiming at? Your recognitions are significant. Your gpa is good, though not spectacular. URM might help you, but again, depending on what school. </p>

<p>Chance me!
<a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/944443-cliche-chance-me-i-will-chance-you-back.html#post1065068050%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/944443-cliche-chance-me-i-will-chance-you-back.html#post1065068050&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Here's the list so far:</p>

University of Chicago
Wisconsin at Madison
Boston University
University of Maryland
University of Michigan
+ Back ups</p>

<p>Test scores look fine. Looks like you are also challenging yorself with "the most rigorous curriculum" as well by the AP tests listed. UW uses only the unweighted gpa for academic courses. Are your grades improving? If so, looks good. If not, work harder to learn the material. This is said without regard to your minority status. Being in an underrepresented ethnic group does give you an advantage. Good luck. Definitely have a safety as well.</p>

<p>I had almost exactly the same GPA and AP tests for the 2011 admissions--and your extracurriculars are way more impressive than mine. I did go to a top prep school in the country, but I am not a URM. </p>

<p>We're obviously not exactly the same candidate even if our numbers were similar, but your school selection was so similar that I decided to comment:</p>

<p>I also chose Dartmouth, UChicago, NYU, Madison, as well as WUSTL, and a couple safeties. I remember getting rejected at Dartmouth and Chicago, and getting in at Madison & WUSTL. Don't know what happened at NYU. Anyways, I chose Madison because of money. </p>

<p>Personally, my low GPA made me worry that I wouldn't do well in college. I obviously don't know where you'll get in/go, but I want to let you know that my GPA rebounded tremendously after I started college and worked hard. Don't worry about succeeding in college; if you try hard you can do fine even without stellar high school grades.</p>

<p>What do you think my odds are, 3.78 gpa top 25% in my class rank, 29 on my ACT. No sports but every year musical, one act, drama, and I am in National Honor Society, Spanish NHS, and was president of a teen board of a youth lounge in freshman year, and I have been in Eliminate Racism And Sexism Etc for two years. Great letters of rec as well.</p>

<p>Both should have good chances. aj-are you AA or Hispanic? Hispanic seems to get less bump as they already are a fast growing group with pretty good stats.</p>

<p>White, so no ethnic bump for me, also I was in my school's pep band, and german band (only high school german band in the country), and took Calculus (highest level of math my HS offers) and Physics (senior's only class) as a junior, and I am currently doing an independent study of Advanced and Organic Chemistry this year (going another year farther than my HS offers).</p>

<p>sorry, I am probably in the wrong forum, didn't really look around much</p>