(URM) Chances of Admission

<p>Prospective (AA) Student for the class of 2015.</p>

<p>I'll give you the shell of my resume, so you can give me your thoughts / advice on admission:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.23 / 3.78
SAT 1: 680 Math 660 CR 700 Writing
SAT 2: French 720 Math 1 (october) Literature (october)</p>

NSL - 5
World History - Awaitiring score
English Language - Awaiting score
Physics B - Awaiting score
Psychology - Awaiting score</p>

Debate Team (2009 - present) --- County Finals competitor
Forensics Team (2009 - Presnt) --- 4th place in county for extemporaneous speech
-5th place in county for persuasive speech
-1st place in the J Franklyn Bourne Bi-county Oratorical contest
President of the Walter Johnson Rock Climbing Club (2008 - Present)
Tutor of WJ's French Honors Society (2008 - present)
Black Student Union (2007- Present)
Minority Scholars Program (2007 - Present)</p>

Competitor of USA Climbing (2007 - present)
Competitor of USA Diving (2000 - 2007)
National recognition for Rock Climbing (15th place in 2010, 12th Place in 2009)
National / international recongtion for Diving from 2004-2007 **left after extensive injury.</p>

<p>That doesnt include any of my community service and is just the backbone to what I have on paper. In total, my resume is 2.5 pages in length.</p>

<p>Your thoughts are encouraged!</p>

<p>Your ECs look good, but your UW GPA will put you at a serious disadvantage - you should work on bringing your SAT up as much as you can.</p>

<p>I was accepted URM for stern.</p>

<p>It is a low reach for you, just cause your gpa. This is assuming you passed AP's with 4's and 5's only</p>

<p>what region are you applying from?</p>