URM Chances

<p>Please tell me my chances. I'm a friend of Runner8491 applying to Yale.
GPA out of a 100
I'm taking the most rigorous courseload that is offered to me.</p>

<p>Senior Year Courses
AP Calculus
AP US History
AP English
Honors Theology IV
Honors French IV
Honors Physics</p>

<p>2 college courses(Intro Philosophy and Intermeditate Spanish. I have taken 3 college coures so far.</p>

USHis: 750
Chemistry: 700
Math IIC:600</p>

Mock Trial/Debate-10 11 12
African American Club(President)- 10 11 12
Model UN(Ambassodor from Great Britain) - 10 11 12
Vice President of senior class-12
Peer Adviser to Freshman-12
Newspaper(Editor in Chief)-11 12
Volunteer at local hosptial- 100hrs
FBLA- 10 11 12
Track and Field (Letterman)- 9 10 11 12
National Honor Society- 11 12
Tutor at local Literacy School
Community Service Corps- 10 11 12 </p>

<p>I want to major in Political Science. I am an African-American that lives in a disadvantaged area. I also have several Academic Awards from school.
My HOOK: a 2wk. study abroad program in France. I planning on retaking my SATs</p>

<p>erm. Your test scores and EC's aren't exactly spectacular... but they're certainly above average. Honestly, I don't think so (at least for now w/ your test scores)</p>

<p>Are you disadvantaged yourself?</p>

<p>I took my SATs again i'm projecting at least a 1380</p>

<p>very solid as an urm..even better if you are from an inner city school</p>

<p>though i'm not sure if you should make a big thing out of france.. it's a fairly common ec</p>

<p>um, why are your posts up in every forum? i think i've counted:
harvard, princeton, yale, u penn, duke, what are my chances, college admissions, parents forum, stanford and a few others. I'd say that each person can give you an equal evaluation of your chances. And, considering how hard it is to get in these schools, I'd say each is at the same level of competitiveness.</p>

<p>My opinion: You are nearly guaranteed. At a Yale information session, I remember that the average score for minorities was around 1270. You are above that, and with your extracurriculars, I think you would stand a solid shot.</p>

<p>im stupid. whats a URM?</p>

<p>under represented minority</p>

ok thanks</p>

<p>damn yale actually gave out numbers on minority SAT scores? niice</p>

<p>not quite.</p>

<p>yale does not publish minority scores, neither does it flaunt them as some kind of minimum/maximum benchmark. an african american girl asked one of the admissions officers what the average score was for minorities, and he said it was a range between 1250 and 1320.</p>

<p>mahajan, average means all kinds of things. None of the Yale URM's I know has a score below 1400. 1500's I know. There are also none-URM's in the 12-13-something range.</p>

<p>You definetely have good grades. I envy you for that. And you have improvement in 10th and 11th grade. If possible, bring up test scores and you have a really really really good chance at getting in. Very good EC's. What's FBLA?</p>