URM Diversity Outreach Email Cornell RD 2025

Hello. Has anyone gotten any updates from Cornell Diversity Outreach? Any emails at all about financial aid etc?

My DD has received several. I don’t know that they mean anything though as they look very generic. What are your thoughts?

I’m trying to figure out if it’s marketing or telling of an acceptance at some point. When we get them, they are addressed to my S but I’m CC’d to the emails. Mainly reminders to complete financial aid stuff (which we thought we’d completed). Is it the same situation for you?

yes, exact same. It is a reminder to complete FASFA & CSS, although we did this in Oct. Based on our EFC she will likely be full-pay - which is why this seems to not be a personalized message but rather just an e-mail blast. She is mixed race. IDK, maybe this is sent to anyone who applied who is classified as URM?

Probably so. I’m wondering if any other URM’s are getting these emails?

My friend is an URM and she has been getting this email, while I’ve only gotten one email (telling me about financial aid night).

When was your last email from Diversity & Outreach?

January 22nd

Are all of your financial aid/CSS docs submitted?

Yes they are but they I submitted them like two weeks ago.

My DD’s last e-mail was yesterday. She has gotten approx 4 total.

Are all of your docs submitted? We’ve received a few also.

Oh wait, I forgot to clarify but I am not an URM. I’m an ORM.

Yes, all of our docs were submitted months ago, that is why I am not sure what to make of the e-mails. I guess that is why I think they must be something that are sent to all URM’s.

I did notice our financial aid the portal has had some additional things pop up with weird due dates (2022).

I have not seen that. Are they asking for things you have already submitted?

Pretty much… which is very odd.

So, I just reviewed the emails from Cornell Diversity Outreach re: financial aid and noticed there is a pattern (date and time) that they are sent which leads me to believe there is no correlation of an acceptance into Cornell. I’ll continue to pray for good news in April! Good luck to you all!

The last email we received was Jan 22.