URM son interested in Rice

Hi folks
My son is very interested in Rice. He is a junior here in Texas. All A’s, very strong extracurriculars, attended strong selective summer science programs, strong awards beyond school level and is an URM.
Any guidance on how Rice views URM’s for admissions?

My son was rejected. His gpa, rigor and EC’s were top notch. I think his LOR’s were also very good. He was an NHRP recipient.
I don’t think his essays were not super duper.
He had a 31 Act composite including a 31 in math and 33 in science. We submitted the 31 and in hind sight it was a mistake-maybe. Obviously no way to know for sure but I would not submit test scores unless you are in 50+ percentile
Go test optional or go big on scores -lol

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** typo - don’t think his essays were super.


Are you guys from OOS?

We are in state. He has a mid 1500’s on the SAT and took it the beginning of junior year.

Rice heavily weights URM status in both admissions and financial aid, though like most top universities it doesn’t release exact details for how it does so.

While there are no guarantees, an all-A student who also has strong extracurriculars would have very solid admission prospects.

Your SAT is great

daughter submitted a 34 will let you know how it goes when she finds out.

Rice actively recruits high achieving URM applicants. Your son should get on Rice’s mailing list and attend as many virtual events as possible. Rice is not currently doing on campus tours, etc. due to the pandemic. In past years, Rice has had an on campus fly in program in the fall called SOAR for URM seniors. This year because of the pandemic, the fly in was not offered, it was virtual only. If your son is interested in Rice, he should apply to SOAR if it is held next fall. In the past, an invitation to SOAR was tantamount to admission to Rice. Rice also admits a large number of applicants from the Questbridge program, many of whom are URMs. This year there were about 55 admits from Questbridge with full tuition scholarships.

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