What are urms exactly?

<p>Under Represented Minorities- for example, hispanics, african-americans, and native americans.</p>

<p>under-represented minorities</p>

<p>hmm arent asians considered to be a minority group? or are they one of the larger groups of minorites...if that makes sense</p>

<p>and asians?</p>

Asians, although considered a minority group, are not an underrepresented minority especially in the more selective schools. They could be considered a minority if their minority representation in a particular university is low.</p>

<p>What is considered low? like 13%?</p>

<p>No - I would think in the lower single digits like 3% - you can refer to the Princeton Review book on the Best 351 colleges and review the minority representation at each selective college. It will give you an idea of which ones have the least % of Asians</p>

<p>One more question....Do asians still have a strong advantage in ethnicity when being evaluated for acceptance? I know schools like NYU and University of Michigan have 13% and 14% Asian population. Do Asians still have the advantage in those schools or ones similar to those?</p>

<p>I don't think that Asians are sufficiently under-represented to have an advantage anywhere.</p>