URochester, CWRU, Swarthmore, CMC, Barnard, Kalamazoo

Hey all, I recently applied EA to Case Western and Kalamazoo and will be applying to the other schools in about a month.

-Citizenship: US
-State of residence: CA (SF Bay Area)
-Income: >$250,000
-Race: Indian-American
-Gender: Female
-NOTE: School Counselor will be mentioning ADHD (b/c of late diagnosis)

9th and 10th grade:
-Type: public school, suburban, about 2.5k students
-Graduates (How many go to Ivy’s/top 20): At least 20 to UCB, 15 to Ivies per year (very competitive)
-AP’s Offered: A LOT offered, took 2 10th grade (can’t take AP’s 9th grade)

11th and 12th grade:
-Type: Community College dual enrollment, HS core classes (Hist, Eng, AVID); 33 students
-Graduates (How many go to Ivy’s/top 20): None. Most transfer out of Community College; NOTE: Part of 2nd graduating class in the program
-AP’s Offered: None. College classes not weighted

-Unweighted GPA: 3.49 (3 C’s - one in English, one in AVID, one in History, B’s in second semester 10th grade, A’s in all Math, Micro/Macro Econ, & all other classes)
-Weighted GPA: 3.58
-AP Exams: 10th grade - Bio (4), Chem (4) - (courses taken for both); 11th grade - Calc AB (4), Micro (4) - (self-studied for both); 12th grade - Stats, Calc BC - (self-studying for both)
-ACT: not submitting
-SAT: 1530 (750 CRW 780 M) (one sitting)
-Rank: N/A / 33
-Course Rigor: hardest in my program (11, 12); no one else in my grade has the same course rigor as I do
-Current Courses: Linear Algebra, College Physics, Jazz in American Culture, College Prep English, AVID (study tips class), College Prep Civics/Macroeconomics, Discrete Math, Statistics, College Political Theory

EC (In order of importance/commitment):

  • Mock Trial Team member (9-12)
  • Secretary/Treasurer of Mock Trial Team (11)
  • Tutored college students in math up to & including Calc BC (12)
  • Piano (9-12, but 11y total)
  • Improvisation group (11-12)
  • Ethics Club member (9-10)
  • Secretary of Ethics Club (9)
  • Vice President of Ethics Club (10)
  • Retail Job at Department Store (11)
  • Volunteer at Food Bank (12)


  • Honor Roll (9)
  • Attended national individual Mock Trial Competition
  • Citywide Speech Award
  • 4 different Baroque/Classical/Romantic Piano Awards
  • Invited to play at Carnegie Hall

In order of preference

  • Swarthmore
  • Claremont McKenna
  • Barnard
  • University of Rochester
  • Case Western Reserve
  • Kalamazoo

INTENDED MAJOR: Applied Mathematics w/ Focus in Economics, possible minor in Theater Arts

STRENGTHS: Essay, Interviewed w/ all schools, recommendations, SAT
WEAKNESSES: GPA, AP Scores, Student Profile

Thank you all so much for taking the time to look at this. I don’t expect to be getting in to most of these schools, but I just want an objective look at my application in regard to the schools that I’m applying to.