<p>Does anyone know specifics on these programs?
Will I have enough time in the CoE to participate in this in addition to my regular course work? What kind of credit do I get from this... and when do I apply for UROP as a entering freshmen... do I have to be in UIR to get into UROP? </p>

<p>Anyone have experience with UROP and UIR? Could anyone discribe how these programs are like?</p>

<p>im wondering about this too</p>

<p>You do not have to be in uir to do urop. You will get the application in the summer, but fill it out soon, as it is first come first serve. They have urop for engineering, but beware that it is a class, and it's usually 2-4 credits, which is about 6-12 hours a week in the lab. With uir you live in mosher jordan-some people hate it some people like it. UROP is a gpa booster though-it's an easy A. I loved my project (i did biomed), but I had previous research experience so I worked fiarly independently. If you haven't done research you will most likely be doing at first b*itch work, and a lot of people don't like that. You have wednesday meetings for UROP which can be a pain in the a$$ and you have to go to seminars, some of which are absolutely pointless. I am continuing with research as a sophomore, but I am not doing UROP.</p>

<p>I guess I'm not going to bother writing that UIR essay then.
Perhaps I'll look into UROP after I'm adjusted to college life.</p>

<p>I was holding up my housing application because of the UIR essay.</p>

<p>nirvana- Can you elaborate on UIR? What's good and bad about the dorm, location, environment, etc.?

<p>I'm not in UIR, but you are in mosher jordan (the big dorm on the hill), which is close to the diag and ccrb. You still have to go to group meetings on wednesdays and UIR people have extra activities and events. I have friends in it who love it as well as friends who say that it's the biggest mistake they ever made.</p>

<p>That's what I'm trying to find out, what about it makes some love it and others hate it? I really don't want to do something I'll regret for a whole year. Did they give you any reasons?
Thanks again</p>

<p>I mean it seems like a time commitment, so that might be why they hate it, and the people who like it might be really into research. A</p>

<p>Hey, nivanarageatm.. </p>

<p>could you shed some light in how you get your hands on non-UROP research projects?</p>

<p>OK this is how UROP for NON UIR works. In the beginning of the summer you will receive an application to UROP (you might even be able to do it online). FILL IT OUT AND SUBMIT IT ASAP, as certain groups, particularly, biomed fill up fast, and they do it first come first serve. Then, once you are accepted, you will receive further instructions from the UROP office and be assigned a peer advisor who will lead your wednesday night meetings. at about the second week of school, project books come out, and you will be able to search for projects. Again, start looking early because good projects go fast. You will probably have to submit a resume, interview, etc.</p>