US boarding school or Le Rosey

Hi. I’m a student from Korea currently attending 8th grade. I got accepted to US boarding schools in California this year. ( Stevenson School, The Webb Schools claremont) I know that both schools are great schools, and after deep consideration I decided to attend Stevenson for the upcoming fall as a 9th grader. However, I’m actually looking at Institute Le Rosey, a school in Switzerland. I’m considering to apply this school as a 10th grader for the academic year 2021-2022. Do you think it would be beneficial for me to attend Le Rosey instead of Stevenson or Webb? (if I get accepted) And is Le Rosey extremely challenging to get accepted? I heard that the entrance test(Math, English or French) is not THAT hard, but still I’m worried since I will be applying for 10th grade, and I heard that some people were accepted after being on the waitlist for like 2years. My parents are capable to afford the full tuition, however they are not related to the alumni or something. I’m rigid that I will attend college in the US (or maybe UK)

Any boarding school you apply to will question why you are applying to a new institution without truly giving the first boarding school a chance. They may wonder whether you and your family are the kind of people who are never satisfied, always complaining, and quick to abandon anything that isn’t perceived as perfect.

My question is why go to school in Switzerland if you are going to college in the US? Why didn’t you apply there this year? I know nothing about Le Rosey other than there was a post about it here last year, iirc. If you were my kid, I would want you to start school this year completely committed to where you are going, and give it a fair shot before looking elsewhere.

I have connections to Le Rosey. The answer would be …It depends on what you are looking for in a school?
I know you said your parents can afford it but worth mentioning that it would cost more than double to attend Le Rosey than Webb.
If you have any Le Rosey specific questions feel free to PM me.

Titbit … Le Rosey has been touted by some as ‘the most expensive school in the world’

Yes @amumof2 - I heard somewhere they also have the most expensive SAT summer prep program in the world. Le Rosey is in a class by itself, more than a school…they have 2 campuses. I know someone that went there for a year. It is just super expensive. Like you said, it depends upon what you are looking for in a school experience and what your goals may be? There is a big difference between Stevenson and Le Rosey. I am a bit confused - you are starting Stevenson this September but already planning to transfer to Le Rosey? Is it that you must choose between a West Coast school or a school in Switzerland? There are many wonderful international schools in Europe, also.

If you are a golfer, you will be in the most beautiful area of the world for golf - Carmel - when you attend Stevenson.

Kim Jong Un was educated at Le Rosey, if I’m not mistaken.

Timely post @sgopal2 …news story today!

I mean, if you intend on going to college in the US/UK, I think it would be more beneficial to just attend Webb.

Stevenson School is exceptional both in education and quality of life. There is not a better location either. My son just graduated from there, he was very sad to have to leave early due to corona.