US citizen studying overseas... Chances?

<p>I'm in a local school in Singapore and am currently gearing up to take the A levels in November.</p>

<p>Class rank/G.P.A: No idea, though I am in the top 10% in the nation. My grades are slightly above average; I'd wager that I'm in the top 20% of my school at least? Not sure though.</p>

<p>SAT1(taken once): 710M/710V
SAT2(Oct 9 ones):
Writing: 680 (Horrific, might take them again in Jan)
Math 2C: 700
Lit: 770</p>

Drama Club Secretary (11, 12) -Directed, performed, did crew work, the works
Student Councillor (11, 12) - one of 39 elected
Choir (9, 10)
Volunteer work amounting to about a total of 2 thousand hours:
-Children's Day-Care
-Mandai Reforestation Project - worked in a nature reserve
-a smattering of different activities</p>

Gave tuition to school kids</p>

Outstanding Service for Drama Club
Outstanding Service for Students' Council
Merit for Choir
Several awards for both choir and drama in national competitions</p>

<p>Colleges I am applying to:
UVa (ED!!!)
James Madison University
College of William and Mary
UNC Chapel Hill</p>

<p>Any other matches or safeties I should consider? And thanks!</p>

<p>anybody? bump</p>

<p>Woah, you're a US citizen in a s'porean public and you're within the top 10% of sg students? that right there should get you in! </p>

<p>I know that kids from SAS especially have good chances at prestegious universities, you should have no problem! Which local do you go to? I used to live in s'pore and I lived by Nanyang.</p>

<p>I wouldn't suggest James Madison, talk about culture shock! You'd be more at home at UCLA (Uni of Caucasians Living among Asians, ya know ;) or UCBerkeley. But UVa ED sounds good too. You might also consider Duke and Vanderbilt.</p>

<p>I would take the SATII: Writing again, but not in January, because apps are due then. Take it in December, and go register NOW because there are only about 3 days left!!</p>

<p>Also, I would stress your volunteer work on your application.</p>

<p>I went to RGS, got mixed into some rather interesting company from SAS/UWC in sec 3 and 4 and then proceeded to attend ACJC. Heh.</p>

<p>I have mixed parentage though, so my mom was kinda all "You're half chinese, so you sure as hell better know how to speak it, and speak it FLUENTLY!"</p>

<p>I really really really want to get into UVa. REAL bad. I don't know why exactly. A mix of factors. I just think it's a good match, ya know? Love the campus. The history behind everything the school stands for. The academic/party yin-yang balance sits well with me. I think The Dec rocks, and GAH I want IN so bad.</p>

<p>I visited the UCLA campus in December and thought it was beautiful, but my mom wasn't impressed by our guide, a Singaporean. Muahaha. I took my SATs then at USC, which was an... interesting experience. It happened to be the day the Trojans were playing a game for the Rose Bowl or something? Anyhow, calculator screwed up, jock-boys outside drunk at 10am in the morning kinda made me twitch. In a bad way.</p>

<p>I'm applying to JMU as a safety, and also because when I studied in the US, I kept in contact with my best friend then, and she's currently attending this year. From what she says, it's decent, and I'd like to stay in the Virginia area. Family's all here on the East Coast.</p>

<p>Oh for the love of puppy-dogs and rainbows! Anyone else?</p>


<p>Yes, take the SATs in December! With a friend :D (yay) And, are you done with your essays? I think you should say something about council somewhere, because from what I understand about student govt in US schools (based on whatever little I've gathered from posts here), I don't think they'd know exactly what being on council in schools here involves. (I think) </p>

<p>As for chances, I'd say gooood :)</p>