US citizen / Visa for Canada

Hello - I am seeking information on obtaining a student visa in order to study in Montreal this fall. Does anyone know if two - three months is enough time to secure the visa? My son would like to get there early August… to allow for any required quarantine time. Many thanks for your replies.

I would be concerned it could take up to five months, since you may need documents from McGill and govt of Quebec before submitting app to Government of Canada for the study permit.

Seek help from McGill.

Processing times are showing 10 weeks

Thank you very much.


I don’t think US citizens need to apply for a visa to enter Canada. If study in Canada, only need a study permit.

Right that is what i meant. Study Permit.

Students need a CAQ from Quebec. Apply for that ASAP. They also need a Canadian student visa which is easy to obtain at the border with proper documentation as described in that link.

I answered on the other thread, too…took 10 days for CAQ for my daughter and another 10 days for study permit authorization letter. It said it would take 3 months, so I don’t know if we got lucky or if that is normal for US applicants. We are still waiting for the CAQ certificate to arrive in mail. She’ll need that to cross the border. In study permit letter it said that she should bring that with her and border agent would issue the actual study permit.

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Thank you! Do you know if the students have a strict window of time when they can arrive in Montreal? Like, it has to be withing x amount of days before classes start and not more than that? My son is hoping to arrive 3-4 weeks before classes start in order to get acclimated and do the quarantine (if still required then). He is a transfer student so he also needs to find an apartment.

I think it all depends what his study visa says. Residences open for move-in 8/21-8/22.