US History- 720

<p>Got a 720 on the June US History test. Is that good enough for top tier schools, or would I be better of doing a retake?</p>

<p>Sorry to hijack your thread but would my 770 on US history warrant a retake or is a 770 good enough?</p>

<p>720 is fine and 770 does NOT warrant a retake.</p>

<p>Thanks college4three. Anyone else?</p>

<p>And Linger, no worries. Better to keep everything in one thread.</p>

<p>Look at the percentiles too, but I think 720 would be fine. What do you think you're going to major in? Also depends where you're applying to.</p>

<p>10iswarrior, probably economics or a social science, and I'm looking at top-level schools.</p>