US History Regents Discussion!

<p>What did you NYers think? I just realized I got a MC wrong; goodbye 100.</p>

<p>Can anyone confirm that the one about FDR's response to the outbreak of war in 1939 was sending military aid, and not appeasing aggressor nations? I'm so angry; that was a simple question, but I thought he tried to uphold the Neutrality Acts for a while before he did Lend-Lease and all that stuff.</p>

<p>THAT WAS THE ONLY QUESTION I WAS 50/50 ON. it was one of those 2 and i put appeasing aggressor nations, i had no idea what to choose tho. what did u think it was?</p>

<p>No, I do believe FDR sent military aid rather than engage in complete appeasement; you already mentioned the Lend-Lease as a compelling reason.</p>

<p>Yeah, at this point, I'm pretty sure that it was military aid. I was AP overthinking it, lol. Appeasement at this time was generally used in reference to European policies, especially those of Chamberlain. After researching, its pretty clear that FDR was not interested in appeasement.</p>