US History SATII

<p>I recently completed the AP US course at my school, and have decided to take the US SAT II. I purchased the Barron's SAT Subject Test U.S. History Book and did 2 exams (out of 8). However, on these exams i scored very poorly, (440, 410). Then I took a sparknotes exam and scored a 640. Which questions more accurately represent the SAT II US History Questions, Barrons or Sparknotes? Any additional help to pull up my Barrons score would be appreciated, thanks in advance :).</p>

<p>Barron's review books are usually significantly harder than the actual test, and I've heard a lot of people say the SparkNotes tests are more realistic. Just go over the answers you got wrong in Barron's if you feel worried that those kind of questions might be on the actual exam. I wouldn't stress too much though. And if you want to raise your score, I suggest buying a review book (it's a little too late for AMSCO, which, while highly recommended, is huge; but you could pick up a copy of REA's Crash Course for US History if you need a refresher on the material).</p>

<p>For the AP Exam, I read about 75% of the AMSCO review book. I was worried when i did the Barron's exams and saw those awful scores despite doing well in the AP course throughout the year lol. What is the best way to study for this week (my SAT II exam is next saturday). Btw, have you taken the US SAT II (if so, what did you think and score on the exam). Thanks alot :).</p>

<p>aceventura74, i took the SAT II in May and scored an 800. I used AMSCO heavily, and I would go back through and do the practice questions in the book if you haven't already. Depending on how much time you have, I made a huge outline of major events, people, themes, presidencies that really helped me a lot, and I based it on AMSCO. If you want, I could probably PM it to you.
<em>it is only partially finished, however</em> It only goes through the presidency of Grover Cleveland, but it could be helpful if you want.</p>