US News: UChicago remains at #6

Can’t replicate the clever @DunBoyer post of last year so here it goes: placement in the top and movement from last year:

  1. Princeton (0)
  2. Harvard (0)
  3. Columbia (0)
  4. MIT (-1), Yale (-1)
  5. Stanford (0), UChicago (0)
  6. Penn (-2)

Prior year’s thread:

Well, at least that ’ Wharton Alum We Don’t Talk About’ has been demoted!

I believe the UChicago “type” doesn’t care about rankings over fit. My child (class of 2024) didn’t hesitate to choose UChicago over Harvard, Princeton, and Penn. There was really no doubt in her mind. The more that UChicago continues its outreach, the more that intellectually strong high schoolers will see themselves there. Nondorf is doing an outstanding job of reaching out into new geographical pockets (like ours) to connect with students. And I honestly believe that right now many high-performing students care less about rankings and more about finding a place where they belong.