US Open

<p>What the hell is Dustin Johnson doing?</p>

<p>And I think Tiger just went in the water!</p>

<p>I'm glad for Greame McDowell, but I was sad for Tom Watson's US Open farewell.</p>

<p>I actually volunteered there for for most of the week, and I saw Tiger walking to the first hole. It was a great experience. Being in a major golf tournament and working at the concession stands was worthwhile. My school district earned $100,000 from US Golf Association because hundreds of volunteers signed up with the school district.</p>

<p>Dustin Johnson straight up pulled a Van de Velde but just strung it out over 18. What a freaking collapse!</p>

<p>Tiger couldn't put rounds together, what a surprise.</p>

<p>So much for all the hype about "going low", really a disappointment. I mean, if I want to see someone struggle and win a tournament by seeing who can make the least bogeys, I would go play with my Sunday group. I mean, seriously. I like the US Open and USGA mantra about tough courses, winning score around par, rewarding consistency and luck rather than momentum and adrenaline, it's terrible. </p>

<p>Oh and then Johnny Miller and his ***** mormon ass (no offense to anyone whose LDS on here - he's just really condescending and always puts himself on a pedastal). Miller should be shot, thank God I was working and missed all of the coverage from Thu and Fri, because I'm sure I would've smashed my speakers with Chris Berman's BackBackBackBackBack. Leave the commentating to CBS, but ditch Feherty and restrain McCord. </p>

<p>Back to the US Open. Yeah - disappointment. All of these majors are way over-hyped. Johnson's gonna need to see Gio Valiente or someone and then if he ever wins again pull a Ron Artest at the presser because he choked SOOOOO hard. No one came to play on Sunday. Not Tiger (big surprise), not Phil (big surprise), nobody. Tiger needs to just go back to bangin 15 chicks at once because then at least he could play rather than relyin on Stevie to do it for him so he can be "monogomous."</p>