US Senate Page Fall 2021

I just found out I got selected for the fall 2021 session, has anyone else heard back? Do any former pages have any insight into the daily schedules/rules? Are we allowed to bring phones and our own laptops? Certain things I should pack? Its been difficult to find anything online about the actual experience in detail, what should I expect?

me too! i havent received that much information yet but i heard they’re sending something in the mail

Hi! I’m still in the interview round and haven’t found out if I got selected or not, but apparently while you are allowed to bring your phones and laptops, you aren’t allowed to use your phone in Webster Hall and can only use it when traveling home or going on a field trip. According to a former Page who went to my school, the program is intense but very rewarding. I hope that helped!

I’ll also be there this Fall! My sister was a U.S. Senate Page in Spring 2019, so I’m pretty familiar with the program.

Hi, I also got selected for fall 2021 through the office of Gary Peter (D-MI)!!! Any information that I could give you I’m sure you’ve already got them your packet you received. I also know reddit has a lot of information about the program through previous pages.

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