USAC Internship?

<p>I'm an undeclared freshman
I noticed a lot of people are interning and getting involved with ascula--interning for the evp, ivp, vp, etc. how good does this really look on our resumes? is this something grad schools are looking for?</p>

<p>USAC is the student government. ASUCLA is the org that runs Ackerman and the student store. The internships you're referring to are a part of the USAC offices. The Pres, IVP (internal vp), and EVP (external VP) offices have internships. The IVP and EVP only recruit during the beginning of fall quarter and the Pres office recruits in the fall and just finished for winter. These are great ways of getting involved in USAC, learning the ropes, and networking. For next year, you can apply to be in USAC at the end of this year or can apply for an internship next fall quarter.</p>