USAF Academy acceptance

Before I get started just want to say thank you for the chances and good luck to all.

Well here’s me

ACT (33 ACT)
SAT II (780 Math / 720 Chem)

Bball (72)
Shuttle (8.4)
Pull ups (10)
Situps (91)
Pushups (75)
Mile (6:50)

Rank 37/650 - Really wish I applied myself in High School more Still haven’t read a text book

NASA High School Aero Space Scholar- Very selective program out of (insert state here) to go down to NASA for a week and study astro. Competed Rigorous course over school year and went to an onsite experience at (Insert NASA facility here). Elected as 1 of 44 kids as the System Manager by other peers while there.

Air Force Academy Summer Seminar Cadet- 1 of 500 kids to go during the summer and experience life as a cadet (7000 applied) national

Certification of completion and acceptance to the national guard engineering program. Selected as a freshman to complete the program

Senior Course Load: Professional Communications, AP Macro, AP Government, AP Physics, AP English 4, AP Calculus AB, Self studying astronautical engineering using MIT open course ware, Advanced Debate, Engineering Design and development

Job- Head Instructor (Only other ones are college grads) at Zaniac. Teach kids STEM fields such as coding, 3d Design, mathematics, etc. Worked extensive hours taking apart and reassembling the 3D printer after errors.

Computer Science Club- Co founder and VP, organize 20-25 people around projects and give guidance to them about how to fix errors and progress

Robotics Club - Treasure and Team leader: Led team of 5 people the entire year over the VEX challenge and went to states

Engineering Club- President, discuss and arrange projects for 30+ kids to work on, ie building a 3D printer out of an old projector and disk drive. (My design)

Varsity hockey team: We won regional out of 16 teams, and I was selected to participate by other coaches in our region in the State of _____ All Star game

Varsity Debate: Policy Debate Board member and 2016 debater of the year. Oh plus District and state champion. But eh I wouldn’t stay my state is the most difficult

Natural Helper- Picked 1 of 12 biannually to participate in training to aide pears in case of extreme depression, anxiety, etc.

NHS obvi

JV Lacrosse Team Captain: Eh idrc about this one, was a very young captain but still its JV

My essays have been ranked very high by people that have read them and “Shows maturity and ability to find way through difficulties”

Have 5 recommendations I would say are all 9 or 10/10

White - Male
Military Brat - never stayed in same state for more than 3 years
Single mother
<50k a year


You’re stats are great but at the Military Academies don’t they also look at recommendations from Senators and Biden and stuff?

@jackoneill Ya they do, I have a presidential recommendation

Congratulations on the acceptance! I also went to the Summer Seminar, which session did you go to, if you don’t mind me asking

@Europa66 I do not remember which one it is exactly

Hi RoadTriptoCollege2017,
Applying for Summer Seminar this year and I was wondering where you listed NHS on your application. The ‘academic’ section seems to only ask for certain classes so I don’t know where to put it, so was wondering what you did. Thanks!

@falladan TBH I don’t remember the summer seminar prelim application, but I believe they don’t care about
your extracurricular activities during that process only academics, but I could be wrong. I would contact your portal
person on it, their email should be somewhere on the app

Just got a MOC nomination as well!