USAFA Medical Disqualifications?

When I was 13 I attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on some pills. It was a two day thing in which I checked into the hospital, got flushed, and sent for an evaluation at a psychiatric hospital and released the next day(this is the only history I have alluding to any mental illnesses). I also do have some noticable scars in a place that can be very easily hidden. My question is, will I be disqualified from even being a candidate to the United States Air Force Academy? I am fairly confident that my application would be exemplar in all other aspects but this.

You need to be completely honest when you fill out your DoDMERB paperwork. Don’t try to hide any of your medical history. Once you have completed the DoDMERB physical they will submit any DQs to the USAFA admissions board and they will decide whether to pursue a waiver for any DQ conditions on the evaluation. You will also need to disclose the history of those scars and not hide them. (I question why you even said “easily hidden”)

My opinion is that you will receive a DQ for the occurrence at age 13, but you would have a solid chance for a waiver since it is a one-time incident and you haven’t had any mental health treatment since then. The AF will decide to pursue a waiver for you if the rest of your package is competitive for an appointment.