USAFA Summer Seminar Acceptance

I applied to the Air Force Summer Seminar and am waiting to see if I have been accepted. Will acceptance letters come in an email or mailed in a letter? Also, will they notify me if I have been denied?

I’m still waiting to hear back too! I’m guesing it should be within the next week since that’s when it seems to have been done prior years.

Thanks @Jess0652 ! Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

It’s via email. I attended last year, so feel free to ask any questions!

Any more news on acceptances? Still waiting to hear also …

I have still not heard anything either. My application says “Applicant (your application is still under consideration)” @mullinfox

About how long did it take last year for them to send out the acceptance/denial emails? Also, are you attending one of the academies now? @college2022c

@kaylalamp27 I heard on february 6th last year. I applied to the Air Force Academy, and I’m still waiting to hear back. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get into Summer Seminar. I know people who already have appointments to USAFA who were rejected from Summer Seminar.

Okay thanks for the encouragement. I was waitlisted for the seminar, but still going to try to get into the school! @college2022c Hope you find out soon!! That is so exciting