USC 2011 acceptance/class of 2015- what is it?

<p>So sorry if I missed this somewhere...
Did USC include this info with notifications?
Is this info anywhere on CC?
Do they have an overall rate or do they break it down by School?

<p>According to this thread, it's 22.8%</p>

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<p>A complete freshmen profile is posted on the USC website every year. Included is number of applicants, admit rate and final number in class. Also posted are the gender, ethnicity, geographical origins, academic distribution and cost of attendance.</p>

<p>USC does include most represented public schools and most represented private/independent schools. Academic information such as mean GPA, middle SAT and middle ACT are listed.</p>

<p>It is posted in the undergraduate admissions section of the website. Other years it has been released in August after the class is enrolled.</p>

<p>That is incredibly helpful info!
Yes, next for compiling right list is to check new test score ranges, etc. But all that does not come out till August... Will have to use last year's I guess.</p>


<pre><code>Last year the SAT composite scores for SC went up around 20+ points. I expect this year there will be another jump of 20 to 25 points. It is guesswork at this point.

As you saw in the article in the other forum there are ways to lower the admit rate. SC does not use the common application, ED, EA or a wait list. Numbers of wait list students were huge last year. Some had over 400 students or more on a wait list when the college may never have taken more than 40 or 50.

<p>Is there an official site that says the admit rate is 22.8%?</p>

<p>I remember reading it on The Choice by New York Times, which compiled the acceptance rates for quite a few universities. Found the article: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks. I love CC.</p>