USC 2021-2022 Transfer Students STATS & DECISIONS ONLY

Status: Accepted
College transferring from: Peralta Community College District
Trojan Transfer Plan (TTP)/Legacy: No/No
Entering as: Junior
College/Major: Viterbi/Computer Science
GPA: 4.00
Units completed: 83
Units in progress: 0
Pre-reqs completed: All
GEs completed: 6/8

ECs: None listed just work experience
Job/Work Experience: Tutor for elementary and middle school kids in high school. Summer day camp counselor. Pizza restaurant server. Ice-cream shop server.

For the main transfer essay, I talked about my passion for computer science and how I wanted to go to college not to just get my degree but to learn about the world as well. Spoke about my interests in non-STEM subjects like philosophy, politics, and film.
For the pick your own essay I chose the one asking me to describe something outside of my academic focus I was interested in, I talked about my love for film and how I could take advantage of the thriving film community at USC.
For the why USC I talked about mostly how USC would offer a great education in computer science for me. I talked about the hands-on and collaborative environment at Viterbi and how I was interested in the PDP program as well.

Letters of Recommendation: None

Rejected: UCB, UCSB

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Status: Accepted Fall 2021 w/SGR
College transferring from: CSULB
Trojan Transfer Plan (TTP)/Legacy: No
Entering as: Junior
College/Major: Dornsife/Psychology
GPA: 3.77
Units completed: 57
Units in progress: 4
[ ] Pre-reqs completed: 4/8
[ ] GEs completed: 4/8

ECs listed on app: Some volunteer work and 7 years of all star cheer
Job/Work Experience: babysitting
Letters of Recommendation: None

Other schools applied to: None

College transferring from: los angeles community college
Trojan Transfer Plan (TTP)/Legacy: yes to top, no to legacy
Entering as: sophomore
GPA: 3.54
Units completed: 41
Units in progress:idk
Pre-reqs completed:math and English

ECs listed on app: School senate, Curriculum Committee, Health club
Job/Work Experience: Local Holiday shop
Essays (subject and responses): I wrote about how my doctor declare me dead before I was born but I was actually alive and how It affect everything
Letters of Recommendation: my English 101 teacher and my senate advisor

Other schools applied to:

What school did you get into?

ur mom… jk lol davis

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UC Davis? I’m talking about USC. What program did u get into?

davis school of gerontology

Accepted for Interactive Media and Game design!!!

(Posting again since my previous post wont let me update)

Had an interview
SGR received June 9th
Accepted June 11th

College transferring from: RISD

Trojan Transfer Plan (TTP)/Legacy: nope
Entering as: sophomore

Units completed: 21
Units in progress: 15
[ ] Pre-reqs completed: probably only the english one since the others are not offered to freshman in RISD
[ ] GEs completed: not sure but again, freshman are not allowed to choose classes except 1 random elective

ECs listed on app:

-Brown RISD game dev club
-school student body president (hs)
-MUN member and head of design for the club (hs)
-internship I mentioned below
-volunteer english teacher back in my country

Job/Work Experience:

-internship in one of the best game companies in my country
(I’m a US citizen but I live abroad)


-international art contest winner (only one from my country)
-published one of my illustrations in an award winning book
-honors student at RISD
-presidential scholarship and honors list in a summer camp for game art and design

Essays (subject and responses):

-the one that was asking why I was transferring:
I talked about how transferring is basically impossible in my country and you would have to take ALL the national exams again from scratch, and had to start out as freshman no matter how many years you had studied before. So I wrote that the transfer system in the US was underestimated and that I would like to use it to broaden my perspective and have a more interdisciplinary college experience. Because rather than studying interdisciplinary subjects in one college, I wanted to do that in more than one.

For the SCA writing one I told the story of How I grew up in a very poor and old neighborhood where I created new games to teach the street kids and thats how I started to like making games. I talked about the narrow streets and the old buildings, how we would play until the sunset, and essentially how that transformed into my love for video games.

Letters of Recommendation: from two professors that apparently nominated me for an honors student

Other schools applied to: NYU, UofU, CMU

Bonus circumstances: while I was applying to USC, my family lost their home, they were homeless for a few months. They also lost their savings worth an entire year of their combined income. I lost my cat to cancer and there was a huge earthquake that killed family friends. I had to move 3 times and at some point didn’t even have a desk or a stress free environment that I would study in.

Accepted to Dornsife (pre-law), Fall 2021 @ 5:16 PM 05/28/2021

College transferring from: Santa Monica College (CA CC)
Trojan Transfer Plan (TTP)/Legacy: Yes, Legacy
Entering as: Junior
GPA: 3.91
Units completed: 53
Units in progress: 12
GEs completed: All

ECs listed on app: 1 Honor Society, 2 clubs, 1 Research, Dean’s Honor List
Leadership : Commissioner, Public Relations director, Title IX student leader
Letters of Recommendation: 1 from History professor

Other schools applied to: UCB, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCR, USC (accepted to all, rejected from UCB)

USC was always my #1. Lots of my friends wanted me to join them at UCLA but I knew I was meant to be a Trojan. Fight on!