USC 2025 Appeals

Hi all,

Currently a high school senior who applied to USC - if I don’t get in, will definitely appeal the decision as USC is my dream school

I just wanted to know from people who’ve been admitted off appeal, how long should the appeal be? Mine is looking to be over a page long, so was just wondering if that was too much.

Hi, I’m not an admitted student. I’m actually in the high school senior class of 2021. In regards to your appeal, I thought you’re only supposed to appeal if there was a mess-up with the reporting of scores or there has been a change in something substantial that would’ve changed the outcome of the decision. Is that not true? Can you just appeal for them to take a second look? Sorry I couldn’t answer your question.

So I’m a little confused here: you are already appealing before you have even been given a decision?

Generally, appeals work when an error has been conducted in the paperwork, on the part of your high school, community college or the University. Writing an appeal because you really, really, really want to go to USC, and it’s your dream school, is not going to work. In essence you’re telling them that they’re wrong and made a mistake in not admitting you. They’ve had years of experience with creating their classes.

My sister graduated from USC and what we learned from her is that it’s all about fit. You have to fit that university’s need for certain students with certain talents-musicians for band and creative artists. They really like hooked candidates- like legacies, URM’s, celebrity kids and, most definitely, recruited athletes.

It’s a very very expensive university and, given the pandemic, they’re probably not going to offer a lot in scholarships.

Just wait until your decision comes out. If you get in then you’ve gotten in if you don’t get in then you have other options.

Edited to add: My son was admitted, and was an eventual National Merit winner. He also happened to be an athlete. His best friend’s sister was also admitted; she also was a high NM scorer and also was an athlete.
My sister’s talents were flags (band), perfect math SAT, and URM.

Honestly, you could just transfer. USC accepts transfers like candy. If I don’t get in that’s what I’m doing

Are you going to transfer from a University or CC?

University. I’ll be attending UC Davis as a genomics major. Hoping to transfer next year if I don’t get in today. I probably won’t though considering I have a 3.2 UW

Like you, I too was rejected from USC yet at the bottom of my letter I was invited into the Trojan Transfer Program which is a select group whom they specifically chose as hopeful transfers next year. Essentially 3.5 GPA requirement and you’re in. You might want to examine your letter to ensure this wasn’t an offer extended to you.

How many appeals do you think USC got this year? It seems like there isn’t much activity on here or reddit about appeals.

I honesty do not know how many appeals they might have gotten. I appealed this year only because it was my top choice and I made a new/compelling argument on myself and why they should accept me. In the mean time, I will be attending Berkeley and might transfer if the appeal is not successful.

Hi, has anyone here appealed to USC for this fall 2021? They will be releasing the decision this may 7th.



Hey so I got rejected with no TTP and have already appealed (prolly gonna get rejected anyways again) but I still have some hope, but I have a some questions

So I did some digging and found out that last year USC wrote on their QnA rejection letter that only 30-50 out of 1000 are successfully turned over, but this year it shows that only 30-50 out of 2000 are successfully turned over. What does this mean? Is it because they want more people to appeal that’s why they said 2000 compared to 1000 of last year? Or is it because this year they used the appeal letter submission box on the portal that caused an expected influx of appeal letters?

Also does anyone know the yield rate for this years admission? I know that they might admit more students if they have more spots. Will the coronavirus situation also impact their decisions on appeals?

I know there is a lot of questions at once but I hope they get answered!!! Thank you !!! Especially @CADREAMIN since they helped me a lot with the USC app process

I think this happened because way more people appealed last year than the year before. TBH I think having a lower appeal acceptance rate would actually discourage people from appealing. Also their acceptance rate was pretty low so hopefully they aren’t expecting a low yield :smiley:

i really want my appeal to get turned over even tho I know it will 99% percent not happen (literally) … do they release yield rates for every year so we get a picture of how many spots are still open? i know these things are difficult to calculate and predict and its all about luck but… i really worked hard for USC!!!

they won’t have released yield rates yet. but the last few years’ yield rates for USC are not accurate because of the pandemic and the scandal

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someone on reddit called the USC office and they said their freshman class is full. They’re probably not going to be accepting appeals at all this year then


Class size is gonna dec because of ivy waitlists so you never know


yah that’s true and maybe they’ve already accounted for appeals in their class size. someone else called again and they didn’t have specifics so best thing is to just wait ig

Do u have the link?

its weird how everyone here has hopes when only 30-50 decisions are overturned each year out of 2000

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