USC Admissions Questions

<p>The University of Southern California gives a half tuition scholarship to National Merit Finalists that name it as their first choice.</p>

<p>Does this mean that being a National Merit Finalist boosts your chance of getting admitted into the University of Southern California?</p>

<p>It's not a guarantee. Every year CC sees a few posts from NMFs who do not get admitted. After all, one exam taken in the fall of junior year can only tell the adcom so much.</p>

<p>USC reads all applications holistically. Your GPA and rigor of coursework is ranked highest in importance, but your SAT or ACT scores, ECs, class rank (if provided), letters of rec, the reputation of your high school are all weighed heavily, as is your personal essay.</p>

<p>All that said, NMF is a great accomplishment and USC really loves NMFs--one reason they offer such a generous merit scholarship. NMF will not overcome a mediocre 4-years in high school, is still an awesome honor and when combined with a great school record, likely to be admitted.</p>