USC Asian-interest sorority hazing?

<p>I'm going to be a freshman at USC, and I'm interested in rushing for an Asian sorority (Sigma Phi Omega, Alpha Delta Kappa, Delta Phi Kappa). I've heard that Asian frats and sororities haze a lot worse because they're not bound by all the same rules as Panhellenic sororities or something along those lines. I haven't heard anything specific to USC though. </p>

<p>Is there hazing in Asian-interest sororities? And how competitive is rush, also?</p>

<p>Whatever you do, do NOT rush for an Asian sorority… in fact, I urge you to advise anyone you know from going into the Asian Greek system. I have personally met girls from Asian sororities at USC and have experience myself. What I can say is that it involves intense physical (hours of calisthenics such as pushups, situps, plank, running), alcohol, emotional, and mental hazing. There were many times we feared for our lives, and it definitely affected our academics. You are basically called out at random times during the night for pledge events. It encompasses your entire life. There have been numerous deaths connected to the Asian Greek system because the hazing is not regulated as heavily as IFC or PHC. </p>