USC BArch Program

Hey everyone. I was recently accepted into the USC Bachelor Architecture program and I was wondering if anyone is currently part of this program or has graduated from this program that would be able to let me know your experiences there. Also, does anyone have an idea of the acceptance rate for this program?

Since it’s a small program there are just a few posters on here from time to time. You can call the BArch office and ask if there is anyone in the program you can connect with, or if they have an alum list for questions. An advisor should be able to help you. Scroll down this link to the Student Services (by last name) and contact them first. They want to help those interested in enrolling!

One of my three sons graduated with a BARCH. Sadly, he’s not interested in posting anything anywhere, but I can throw you a few tidbits.

  • The acceptance rate is around 11%
  • The department has around 500 undergraduates
  • The program seems to bounce in and out of top 10 lists for undergrads, but there’s an article floating around somewhere (I can’t find it at the moment) that praises USC for offering one of the most well-rounded programs
  • My son had friends who opted out of the 5-year program, deciding after 2 years to get degrees in architectural studies instead, and then they went on to grad school elsewhere. My son preferred the 5-year program though.
  • Depending on your aesthetic, I don’t think there are too many better places to study architecture and urban planning than Los Angeles (including both what to do and what NOT to do!).
  • Also, as a side observation, a lot of the students had parents who were architects too, and they were very opinionated about how they wanted the curriculum to play out. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Congratulations and best of luck!

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Thank you very much for this response. I appreciate this insight!