USC Business Admin

<p>Sorry if this question have been brought up in the past but I've tried searching and couldn't really find anything about it. Since ASSIST.ORG doesn't associate themselves with private schools, I can't find the information I need in order for me to transfer to USC two years from now. Can anybody help me? Is it the same as UCLA Business Econ, because if it is I will know what classes to register for. I understand that for USC, I will not need Calc 2 but thats all I know. Can anybody help me out?</p>

<p>You need: microeconomics and macroeconomics, Calculus I or Business/Brief Calculus, a critical thinking writing class
Recommended: financial and managerial Accounting</p>

<p>Does USC release an info page on how many applicants they accept or the statistics of transfers? </p>


<p>I dont know about an info page, but at the business orientation they told us the average transfer gpa was 3.75-3.8</p>

<p>as far as pre-req's go you just need the english class, business calc, both econs, and both accting's (accting isnt required though)</p>