USC Business vs. UCLA Bizecon?

I know this has been posted a billion times but I’d like some more insight if possible.

I’ve been weighing the pros and cons for both schools and their programs and I’m really at a loss…

For USC: Pros: -Actually have a business program (Marshall Business School is pretty prestigious if I’m not incorrect) -Private school; smaller classes and actual interaction with professors -Great alumni network -Business in Cinematic Arts program (combining film and business, something I’m very interested in)
Cons: -Clubs don’t seem as lively/active as UCLA’s, idk -Less safe -Campus not as beautiful or large as UCLA’s -Not as internationally recognized as UCLA/lower rank?

UCLA Pros: -Fun clubs that I’m interested in -Better location -More beautiful campus -Larger size campus
Cons: -No business major -Classes way too big, no interaction with professors -Bizecon is basically just an economics major with some accounting

Honestly, as a 17 year old I really don’t know what I want to do in the future. I have a vague idea of the difference between econ and business but I don’t know for sure. What can I do with a degree from each major? Help?
I don’t need to worry about money because they both gave me scholarships amounting to a similar tuition.