USC Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Hi @NewParentCA. My daughter is also a freshman SDA (not 100% committed yet but it’s looking good). From what I understand the kids spread out unrelated to their majors and based on lifestyle preferences. The residence halls are the center for freshman life but don’t have AC and are traditional style dorms with large shared bathrooms. My daughter is interested in suite or apartment style for the AC and the slightly less overwhelming social scene. SDA kids will likely be taking classes all over campus especially freshman year, so location of residence is not so much of an issue. Is your daughter BFA? BA? acting? Theater tech?

Can anyone advise on the appeal process and what the format should be? Also, what are the chances for overturning a denial?

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Oh, I would love this info, too! We are headed there in two weeks and would love to have more of a plan!

I checked the portal. They might have emailed my daughter too.

Webb is likely the closest to most SDA course locations. But the campus is highly manageable, so any freshman housing option works well. I would just go with what seems right…

Yes… if your family’s financial condition remains rather constant, you can expect the annual FA offerings to follow suit. I had two attend USC, including an overlap year when both were there simultaneously, and their FA always worked out well enough for us. But it really comes down to your individual family and how you project the next few years going in terms of finances and the family’s projected ability to pay.

Yes… exactly. Well stated. My SDA daughter chose Webb for that reason… wanting an actual apartment with more space, A/C, and a more chill environment. As she stated… I can always go socialize elsewhere and then return to my own less chaotic sanctuary… lol. It worked out well. She continued that pattern by living at Century for both her sophomore and junior years. Webb and Century are also closer to the SDA/SCA part of campus. But that is the great thing about housing at USC… there are many options that tend to suit every taste and type.

I know this was not a normal year but wonder if students interested in USC try to meet or email with admissions folks in their school of interest? Not talking about SCA etc. but schools like Dornsife or Price. This would be beyond their regional Admissions rep. Tips or advice?

Are you thinking about next year? Most schools held info sessions throughout the year but held them virtually. My tip would be to always send a thank you email after any info session or encounter with a USC designee.

USC is on my daughter’s short list, but she is concerned because she has seen in on several lists of top ‘party schools’. While she realizes that lots of college students party, she is looking for a more serious overall environment, where students don’t have to be distracted by too much partying. Would USC be a bad choice for her for this reason? How accurate are those online rankings? Her other in-state choice is UC Berkeley.

We are still waiting to hear how much USC will cost. All the other schools my son was accepted to told us the same day. I don’t like to complain but it should not take this long.


For those traveling down to USC to do a walk around if spending the night, I would stay at the USC Hotel. The place to stay when there. Was a Radisson, now owned by USC, all USC themed obviously, and very nice. It is also the first hotel to fill up (and is usually full frankly with everything that goes on at the school), but they are just re-opening and you should find rooms.

When USC Hotel was full for other visits (we have an athlete, so attend many events there), we would stay over in Manhattan Beach and just drive into USC. That way we had a beautiful area to hang out in when we weren’t around campus. But for first visit, it would be so convenient to park and stay at USC Hotel.

For those staying elsewhere and driving into campus, the parking lots on campus are open. You will need to show you did Trojan Check when checking in at gate:

Dress comfortable - you will walk. A lot.

Visit this site - mainly for maps and directions and more parking info (otherwise they made it all virtual info you don’t need):

Self guided tour info here:

Gate 5 off of Jefferson is across from Village and by Webb Tower to Parking Structure D which is by the freshman housing. Gate 3 brings you into the McCarthy Quad and much of the Freshman housing (Birnkrant, Pardee, Marks), but is often just to walk in (from USC hotel) and when moving in dorms (doesn’t really go anywhere). Entrance 6 off of Vermont brings you into the other side of campus near Parkside and the tennis stadium, big parking structure A. These are the prime gates you can count on being open most of the time. You can also drive through a lot of campus, but won’t get a feel that way, the beauty is within!

Buildings are closed and there isn’t anyone to talk to (changing everyday, so just have to see on that when there). The campus feels totally different without it bustling with people, but gorgeous nontheless. Ronald Tutor Center usually feels like Times Square all through the day, so you will just have to imagine that. :slight_smile:

Print out campus map to have with you, I like the basic on self tour or here or you phone wizards can use the interactive ones.

Can’t miss areas:
-Bovard/Alumni Park/Doheny Library (Tommy Trojan area)
-You student’s major - find the bldgs/areas on a map - engineering/SCA/Fertitta Marshall/Annenberg/etc
-The beautiful architecture and gardens that are everywhere
-Mudd Hall of Philosophy for gorgeous picture backdrop
-SCA area
-The entire campus (too much to list!)

Lunch at Village is the play, it is open and no issue getting food. Several interesting places:

If not from LA, I would go to LA Live during the evening, there is easy garage there to park. Or just uber in, like 2 miles form USC Hotel/campus. Touristy thing to do, but it is cool, like a mini Times Square next to Staples Center. Easy to walk around, places to eat (outside options). Suggesting this cause the students do go there for various things. Of course what you do in LA is up to you!

Ok, I have work to do, could go on and on, but this is a start! Feel free to ask questions…will post as I think of other things as well.


While the rankings are valid, every USC student can find their lane and preferred social environment. There are literally 100s of various student organizations to consider and take part in. And there are also many students who take part in none of that and only focus on scholastic pursuits. Neither of my daughters were into “partying” as most describe it. They simply found a good group of core friends over time. Greek life and its associated lifestyle is of course a possible path at USC - and many enjoy that as an option - but there are also 100s of other avenues open and available to each and every student within the potential college experience universe. Thankfully, there are all types at USC, and even introverts or those purely dedicated to academic pursuits can thrive there. USC is simply what you choose to make it.


Can you give some insight or direction for an appeal? Is there a format to the letter?

This is perfect! Especially helpful to know about the Trojan Check. My son was planning to park in the lot below McCarthy Honors College (which is where he lived for summer program) and I assume that is open and owned by school, not a public lot? They will be staying at local friends but good to know about USC Hotel for future visits. Thanks a million!

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Same here. The only school when no financial information was provided, which makes it difficult to wait and compare.


Actually, we called to find out about the cost and were told to wait until mid - end of Apr. I hope it will be available earlier.


Glad it helped. Yes the lot under Target at the Village is always open. It is owned by the school but basically a public lot. They may get asked when parking or if on campus about Trojan check, so just have it done on their phone.

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Hi everyone – Question for a friend (really) - Does anyone know if you get accepted to WBB whether you are allowed to decide you don’t want to do it and spend all 4 years at USC. Thanks in advance for any info.