USC Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

It really should be less chaotic this way - sorry you will miss the madness of the giant traffic jam and trying to get a bin with all your student’s items piled in the grass, ha. Or maybe you will still experience that crazy time! Curious if there will be limits on those accompanying student to their room - some bring the entire family - they should be putting out more details as it gets closer.

At least they are able to get housing and move in - that is exciting!


My move in date is 8/18, class won’t start till 8/23. Are there any activities during those days other than unpacking my stuff? Mom is accompanying me to LA but wondering when to leave?

Yes, there will be separate activities for you and the parents, then there is the new student convocation (not sure if they have scheduled that or will have it live or online with covid situation)…There will be plenty of things to do for you through your residence hall and spirit type activities. And you should be meeting as many people as possible those first few days! The presentations for parents are informative for some, redundant for others, as it’s stuff about safety, financial aid, presentations from each of the schools, things parents may already know (or not). I suppose the big question is, will they still be holding all these things live or just online style…it sounds like they haven’t sent that info yet? If she doesn’t have much of a chance to visit otherwise, it can be a good opportunity for her to get more comfortable with where you will be for the next four years. I was more of a drop and go parent, but I knew I would have many opportunties to be on campus in the future having an athlete, and it being a 5-6 hour drive. If she can get a room at the USC hotel that would be great, but they fill up fast during these times so check right away if interested.

@CADREAMIN Thanks for the information. But USC Hotel is fully booked. Do you have any other hotel recommendation? Grandma is also going to LA with me, don’t want her to be so tired going back and forth the campus and the hotel.

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If not USC Hotel, then it’s one of the downtown hotels that are closest. 2 mile Uber/lyft. There are many downtown, or you can stay somewhere by the beach and do the drive in to campus. Lots of choices but depends on what you want to do while there.

The JW Marriott at LA Live (downtown) was nice and within walking distance to a lot of great food options and interesting things to do. But, as stated above, there are many nice options downtown… and they are all super close to campus. But… if you only checked the USC Hotel online, you may want to call too. Sometimes they seem to magically have a spot available when you do so. At least that has worked for us before.

Agree, JW is in heart of LA Live, amazing food there and great walk around area.

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@WWWard @CADREAMIN Just called USC Hotel, no luck to get a room. It’s my fault, too slow motion. Thanks for the advice. I have booked another hotel in downtown.

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You’re welcome.

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This seems a new announcement and great news! However there is no link to sign up?

On-campus tours are now available for newly admitted students!
Please note, however, that our Welcome Trojans orientation program will remain fully online.

It seems unlikely my son will get vaccinated before coming to US. USC says California will require one week quarantine and they don’t know yet if he will be allowed to quarantine at USC itself.

Meanwhile if I have to make arrangements, any idea what the rules around quarantine are? Do I just book just any hotel room? My wife and I are vaccinated, so can we stay in the euaratnie facility, but still go in and out of the premises? I am asking these questions to USC as well, but any thoughts on these will be useful

Can someone please tell me about the Tuition Refund Insurance? Do people usually decline or not?

We absolutely get it. It’s inexpensive for what it covers. Ya never know what can happen - all kids of reasons a student may not get through a semester. I would hate to have to pay 40 grand and not see any college credit from it. But we tend to be prepared for worse case scenarios.