USC CS (IDK what other schools to apply to)

Greetings CC Forums! I’m new to the forum and hope to attend USC for CS in 2022. I have no idea what other schools to apply to so I’d be happy for some suggestions. My high school is ranked #7 in the Wisconsin high school rankings according to US News. (Won’t say the name but you guys can easily find it.)
My stats are below:
-4.67 GPA (Top 5% of the class of '22 at my school)
-36 ACT (Only one at my school to get a perfect score)
-1,580 SAT (Taken fall of 2020)
-Math 2 SAT (800), Physics SAT (790)

I’ve taken the hardest classes at my school and I’m currently taking a CS course and Calc 3 at Marquette University because I took AP CS A and got a 5 last year along with a 5 on Calc BC last year also.

I plan on taking more courses at Marquette next year. I hope to study CS and Game development (That’s why I’m applying to USC)

I’m currently ranked #7 in the state of Wisconsin for basketball but, I have no interest in playing college ball. I’m just taking it because of my love for the game and have no interest in pursuing a D1 scholarship because I hope to go to a top CS school and work my butt off to get a SWE job at a game studio somewhere. I haven’t really thought of a clear plan yet.
FA needed (Low income family)
Feel free to suggest schools!

Oh! and feel free for anyone to respond!

@Wisconsin100 Nice stats my friend!

Michigan State, U of Utah, and CMU?

Try UMD?