USC Economics Program

<p>How is the Bachelor's of Economics program at USC?
How do you compare to other universities in California such as UCLA and CAL?
What internships/jobs are graduates of this program getting?
Do you like the program itself? Anything not to like about it?</p>

<p>I'm a first year hoping to transfer in as second year Economics major from a California community college.</p>

<p>First off, you need to aim higher.</p>

<p>Either get into Marshall or don't go to USC at all. I'm serious. All of the good jobs go to the Marshall students just like the same way that all of the good jobs go to UCLA Biz/Econ students over UCLA econ.</p>

<p>Secondly, UCLA Biz/Econ opens just as many doors as Marshall. Third, if you can get into Cal Haas, take that over UCLA/USC.</p>

<p>All 3 programs can take you anywhere you want to go. You just need to work harder, have a better network, be smarter, and have a more fit personality than everyone else if you want to get that top gig at GS/BCG.</p>

<p>I agree with moss but I do see a very strong edge for Marshall over UCLA Business-Econ, especially when it comes to networking + recruitment.</p>

<p>USC's economics department doesn't compete with Berkeley or UCLA - it's considerably lower. If you really want to go to USC, go to Marshall, but even that is slightly lower than Haas and UCLA econ.</p>

<p>Honestly, once you get admitted the program, it ALL comes down to the person and what they do with their degree. I know people who had to work basic accounting jobs making ~35k after USC. I also know people who got into goldman sachs, investment banking, and consulting in my same class at USC. You know what the difference was? It was all personality, hard work, and leadership potential that got them there. All 3 programs are solid programs that are recruited by the top firms and companies. It comes down to the person to get themselves in the door.</p>

<p>I was admitted to Marshall and UCLA Biz/Econ. UCLA was my dream school but I decided that Marshall was a better fit for me culturally. I'm sure I would have had a blast at UCLA in retrospect because I work with almost all UCLA Biz/Econ people and I get along better with them than I do the people from Marshall. </p>

<p>Go where you think you will be the most successful and work hard to make your dreams come true. Don't take no for an answer and don't believe the people who say it can't be done. Persistence, hard work, and leadership will take you anywhere you want to go.</p>

<p>My original target was or I should say still is Marshall, but I've heard how competitive it can be getting into that program so I've looked at other alternatives. Berkeley and LA have been other options I am also really interested in, but I like the structure of the programs at USC and the better hands on approach. How competitive is it really being admitted to Marshall?</p>

<p>You are thinking externally rather than internally, where your focus should really be. You should be aiming for a 4.0 at a community college and get A's in every single Marshall pre-req. You should also be looking at USC's application essay and Marshall's application essay and start thinking in order to be prepared to write about something you are truly passionate about. You should also be starting up clubs, organizing events, starting a small business with some of your classmates, start building relationships through networking. All of those things show the Adcoms that you belong at Marshall/UCLA/Haas. Thinking about how stiff the competition is just a distraction that won't add value to your application.</p>