USC Financial Aid?

<p>Does anyone know how generous USC is in financial aid?</p>

<p>I'm applying there and I believe I'll have a decent chance but don't want to waste the application money/supplemental essay, if I wont be able to pay the tuition after getting accepted ( I believe USC is notoriously known as one of the most expensive colleges in the country).</p>

<p>I come from a poor family
Single mother (divorced) who makes a little under 30k.</p>

<p>Can anyone give me an estimate or direct me to something that calculates financial aid.</p>

<p>here ya go
USC</a> Financial Aid - Planning for USC'' </p>

<p>and USC has a very generous FA program</p>

<p>just so you know that calculator isnt a very good estimator. it underestimated my aid by about 7,000 so you cant really trust it. USC gives very good aid and they use the CSS profile
EFC</a> Calculator: How Much Money for College Will You Be Expected to Contribute?
^^^Collegeboard efc estimator</p>

<p>it came within 600 dollars of my actual aid</p>

The calculator the OP was referred to is new, how do you know it is not accurate? It is surprising that USC's own calculator would be less accurate then a generic one from the college board.</p>

<p>Iam happy to see the new USC financial aid calculator, I wish they had , had it last year I would probably not have stressed several weeks about aid etc. We found that USC are suprising generous with grants etc , had an AGI of around $85,000 and got $28,000 in grant money</p>