USC homecoming versus UofA

<p>im going, is anybody else going? also i want to go to the ucla/usc game. anybody know if tickets are still available?</p>

<p>Neither game is sold out yet. USC/UCLA probably will be (it usually is), although it may be like last year where UCLA didn't bring that many people (except this time it's at their home stadium and they still might not sell all of theirs, which is sad). </p>

<p>But I'll definitely be at both! I'm also psyched for the Notre Dame game. First row, baby! And yes, I'm leaving my Thanksgiving Break and family early to go. :)</p>

<p>wow, youre a diehard. me too, i love everything trojan. die bruins, die. har har har. grrrrrr</p>

<p>Good attitude. I like it. :)</p>