USC IYA Class of 2025 Applicants

Time is winding down for iya’s application season and since I haven’t seen a new thread for this year I figured now is as good a time as any to start one. So hi guys!


I applied to IYA on the 28th. Was very stressful but also exciting! I’d love to hear from others about their application experience!

Same here! I was kinda confused when the deadline was extended at the last second, but I got it in just fine. Normally the Academy gets between 500-700 applicants a year, right?

Actually, what I’ve seen in info sessions and on their demographics from previous years is that they recieve about 400 applicants every year. However, It’s certainly possible that that number will be different this year considering how unusual of an admissions environment we are facing.

Hey guys! let’s share stats :slight_smile: I’m really super nervous because I just found out about IYA like two days before the due date but I think my idea will really showcase my talent :slight_smile: I’m so excited to hopefully meet y’all in January (virtually tho, cuz covid :frowning: ). Have you seen any of cohort 7’s videos? they’re all super cool ahhhh which ones we’re your favorites?

Hi everybody! I’m feeling really nervous too, but super excited at the same time. I turned my application in just in the nick of time WHEW :sweat_smile: ! Does anyone know when we will find out if we made it to the interview round?

Late January is when interview decisions are released. And yes, I have obsessively watched every single pitch video I could find on youtube. I’ve seen some great ones from this year, I didn’t publish mine but I would share it individually if anyone is curious.

I don’t feel comfortable sharing stats but I will say I had a strong SAT score and not so strong GPA. I am also super proud of my pitch video and portfolio, I put tons of time into it. I really love how the IYA application gives such a unique way to demonstrate your passions, value and character.

What about you guys?

Some of my favorite pitch videos that I’ve seen from the past on Youtube are NanoFit, Drobe, Pure Nowhere and Cognite. Some of the best ones I’ve seen on Youtube from this year’s applicants are MyMark, Motion Model, UroClean, Lucid, and CurioCity. What do you guys think of the ones published by some applicants on Youtube this year?

Did you feel like you at least worked to fit their criteria? As in demonstrating creativity, individuality, etc.? From what I’ve seen, they are looking more for values of the person than any specific skill if you know what I mean by that.

That’s cool! I loved all those videos too. I haven’t seen too many videos from our year – they got me feeling stressed out :frowning: – but I’m sure everyone’s videos are super great! Ahhhhh mid january seems so far away

Until when was the deadline extended to?

either December 3rd or 2nd I can’t remember exactly. but they moved the deadline up a day because of Slideroom issues.

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@christalovesiya i LOVE your username because I LOVE iya too! im so glad i got an interview (just manifesting it, dw :stuck_out_tongue: ) I heard the interview process is SUPER crazy like you sit in front of 13 people and they rapid fire questions at you :ooooo it’s kinda scary but since it’s over zoom maybe it’ll be better? idk what do y’all think!! should we be preparing for the interview? i know some of my friends are :o

Hey @iyaforever :grinning:! I forgot to reply to you oh no! Your user name is the BEST because IYA is 4ever!

I haven’t really looked at the other cohort’s videos – I’M WAY TOO SCARED.

I have been practicing some interview questions, but I’m more of a no mud no lotus go with the flow kinda person you know…

Do we, or does anyone, know the notification date for the interviews. Probably later January 20’s right?

I’ve heard that traditionally it’s the 25th, so I would assume somewhere between the 25th and the end of the month given the covid situation.

Does anyone have any info regarding the notification date?

Honestly I have no idea. Hopefully it’s today because the anticipation is killing me

not sure this has to do with iya’s timeline at all, but I know the merit scholarship interview notification date was moved to February 10/11th. meaning that if you applied by Dec. 1, you’ll be notified if you’ve been chosen to interview specifically for scholarships later in February. Since lots of notification dates have been moved up by a lot of schools, idk if IYA’s is moved up by a few days either. Probably later this week.

aHH im so apprehensive about the interviews. been checking my email all day