USC Music Industry

I am a Texas senior who is very interested In the Music Industry program at USC. I have a 3.6 unweighted GPA and an 26 ACT score. I am a terrible test taker and I’ve taken the ACT several times and can’t get my score any higher. My GPA should go up with my AP courses this year to hopefully a 3.7 or 3.8.

I am heavily already involved in the Music Industry. I run a music non profit and where I Interview bands for charity. We have interviewed artists like the 1975, Bad Suns, and many more. I am also the executive producer of our school broadcast journalism program and I manage over 50+ staff members. I work for a Woman empowerment music publication as a Dallas representative. I am shadowing a major music producer from LA at a Dallas festival in December. My Resume has an outstanding amount of EC’s and work experience. I used to be an English Horseback riding instructor, and Art teacher at a local studio. Now I’m a Waitress. I am extremely passionate about my career path and have booked shows for local artists and coordinated festivals at venues in Dallas. I have two internships one with my school as a selected student media inern and another with a booking company in Dallas. I have worked with advertising and marketing for band promotion. I have been doing things in the industry since I was 14. I am so extremely passionate about my career path. USC allows Music Industry students to send in 3 question video interviews where I feel like I can really explain my heart and drive for this industry. I am also an AP art student. My essay is detailed about the story of how I became passionate to music and how it effected my life. My resume is good. My The only thing I am truly worried about is my score. I am really just curious if my application will even be looked at.

Thanks so much.

I am also hold leadership roles for all of my international clubs and societies. National Art honor society, National Society for High School Journalists, Key Club public relations officer, and Art teacher for french club. (Forgot to mention those)

I also run Varsity track all of high school and was on the golf team my freshman year. I have safe schools and USC is obviously my reachbut I just know it has the program that will help me be most successful. I go to a very very competitive high school where one can have over a 104 GPA and still not be in the top 10%…

I’m applying to USC for music industry too - I’m sure they’ll love your extra background experience. Hopefully that will hold more weight than your test scores, though I can’t be sure. If you’re willing to check out east coast schools, U Miami, NYU, Syracuse, and Northeastern all have wonderful programs. Best of luck.

@needtoknowgt, @maby56 I also applied for the MI program at USC; have you guys heard back? I hear some Thornton students got their acceptance letters. I applied as a Community College transfer student.

I didn’t apply, got in to my ED school elsewhere, but best of luck!