USC or Scripps College?

<p>I am very lucky to be admitted to both of these fine schools, and now I am having a very difficult time deciding which school to attend.
I applied to both schools through an art major, however, I want to double major with a business major.</p>

<p>So for Scripps college,
when I visited the school, I was blown away by how beautiful it is. I love the fact that teachers really care about their students, and the students are willing to help one another. Also, Scripps gave me a better financial aid package. If I go to Scripps, I want to try to transfer to Claremont Mckenna College as a business major. But I know that is very difficult, that's why I'm not so sure. So if I dont successfully transfer, I will be stuck at scripps studying economics. Also, it is an all girls school and it's in a not so exciting neighborhood which puts Scripps slightly below USC. I know that Scripps is surrounded by four amazing schools, but I feel like the students at the other schools aren't that interactive with the scripps girls. They seems more like neighbors than part of the same community. </p>

When I first stepped onto the campus, I felt so energized and when the marching band played for us, I felt the pride to be a Trojan. I feel like USC would offer me the ultimate the college experience. however, it is in an unsafe neighborhood which makes my parents really nervous. Also, I have to pay $6,000 more a year for USC, so over four years, I would have to pay $24,000 more. On the other hand, I also need to apply for the business major, I'm not sure how difficult it would be to get that double major. USC seems really competitive and there are so many students, I feel like the faculty might not be able to care for all of us. Though, USC has a really good business school, and it offers a variety of business majors. So I would have more choices at USC. On top of that, USC is a very international renowned university and a huge alumni network, which might make life after USC easier to find a job or such. </p>

<p>It all really comes down to which school would offer me the better overall package, and for a long time, I felt like USC would be the place to be. But when I found out I was given the Dean scholarship instead of the Presidential one, I was slightly disappointed. So my parents told me to contact the financial aid office for appeal, I'm hoping that they will match the Scripps financial aid. But I heard that USC rarely does that?</p>

<p>I’d vote Scripps. It’s a great school, it’s beautiful, and you’ll have access to courses at all five colleges. If you take full advantage of what the Claremont Colleges offer, you can’t go wrong.</p>

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