usc or umich

<p>i have been admitted for ms in comp sci at both places.
please help me choose</p>

<p>Umich by far, no comparison quite honestly speaking... other than the weather.</p>

<p>But realistically it boils down to whats ur specialization and what kind of work you intend to do , wherever you find the best match that should be your choice.</p>

<p>the usc course is more to my liking and the one at umich is more electrical/hardware oriented.
would anyone know whether usc gives research opportunities to ms students?
also any comparison between the job opportunities at both places?</p>

<p>The job opportunities are extermely similar and also very good. As far as research goes thats more of an area specific question so professors again your best bet to talk to.
If you like the course more at USC then pick USC , thats all I got to say , both colleges are in similar leagues so you cant really go exceptionally wrong with choosing what you want to do!</p>

<p>goto USC if you want to do A.I. related research
goto UM for anything else really</p>