USC Orientation

<p>Hi, I just wanted to know what sort of things will be happening at the new student orientation (mines in Hong Kong July 31 as im an international student)</p>

<p>And are we allowed to bring parents?</p>

<p>You will be selecting classes, learning more about SC and having social events. One of the social events planned is a luau. There will be opportunities to meet your new classmates.</p>

<p>A trained counselor well assist you with course selection.</p>

<p>I do not know if parents are included. Did you check the invitation?</p>

<p>Parents can come to orientations, and there will be seminars held for parents to attend. It's certainly not required, and you won't be together with your parents the whole time.</p>

<p>HappyBuddha the information about the orientation in Hong Kong can be found at: <a href=""&gt;;/a> One of the things it states is that: International students who attend the Hong Kong Orientation must still attend the International Student Orientation on August 16-17. IF you are a US citizen you can go to the Hong Kong orientation and call to opt out of the Aug 16-17 orientation. (this is explained on the site). We are US citizens living in China. My daughter will go to the Aug 16-17 orientation but not the Hong Kong one. My husband and I will both be going to the Aug 16-17 orientation. It is my understanding that there is a parent program and our time with our daughter will be limited. it just worked out for both of us to be available for the orientation and then the move in day on our way back to China. The great thing about the HK orientation is that you will get to meet the other USC students from your area. A great chance to get to know someone before getting to LA.</p>