USC Parents Thread

<p>At this time, it seems like there is a great group of parents (new, old and potential) in the CC USC forum. Why don't we do a quick check-in and give any info you want to share here?</p>

<p>I've got a freshman (S#2) living in New (dorm) this year and another (S#1) who graduated from USC in 2002- both business majors in Marshall. I've got a D who is at another private school in CA. I'm also an alum of USC.</p>

<p>I work at home on my computer, so when I'm waiting for stuff to load, I browse the threads to try to answer questions I might know. I remember when I had all the questions!</p>

<p>Feel free to share, complain, brag, ask, cry, or whatever...</p>

<p>Great idea! Now I have a question for you. We live on the East coast and our son will start USC in the fall. If we send things for him via the mail (linens, comforter, pillows, etc. from the stores), how will they arrive at USC? Do they get shipped directly to the dorm or does my son have to go to a post office to pick it up?</p>

<p>You can send packages directly to the dorm. You'll get the address when you get the housing contract. You can't pre-ship packages. You have to wait until the students are in the dorm so you have to time it right.</p>

<p>Here's last year's check-in guide-
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<p>Ok..My oldest, a son, didn't go to SC. My oldest daughter graduates from SC on the 16th in Film. My youngest starts in spring with a major in acting. My son is an animation agent. I went to SC for two years..graduated from the school across town.</p>

<p>Thank you for the check-in guide!
We have to pay for electricity? I thought utilities were included!</p>

Residents in most North University Park area Trojan Housing APARTMENTS are required to pay for electricity service.</p>

<p>(not dorms)</p>

<p>Great idea for a thread! Great to be here!
D is a Fall 2008 freshman majoring in Anthropolgy and doing the Thematic Option. Hi everyone!</p>

<p>Hello! I have been lurking on this board for a long time. I was so annoyed by a previous post that I hijacked my son's unused cc id and responded, so now I might as well post! cc411 I have noticed you on this forum a lot, you have really helped a lot of people. I have seen you other posters as well, so hello all! S transferred this fall as a soph and loves USC.</p>

<p>Hi all! My S will start in film in January '09, unless the gods smile upon us and he gets moved up to fall admission. We're not holding our breath, and we are having fun talking about all the interesting things he could do during his gap. I have a D who is a high school junior, so I'll be hanging around here for awhile. </p>

<p>Just a heads up, I promised S I would change my screen name soon, as I've been outed by some of his friends and their parents who lurk shamelessly on CC trying to identify kids from their school (hi Bob ;))! He's been very tolerant of me talking about him online, but he would prefer not to be associated with rainmama in perpetuity. So I'll see if I can blab less when I change my identity!</p>

<p>Rainmama: change it to snowmama or sleetmama so we can recognize you!</p>

<p>"snowmama" ??? Hey, this is USC we're talking about! How about "sunmama"? Or if you go with the obvious pun, "sonmama".</p>

<p>cc411 - I agree this is a great idea for a thread. </p>

<p>Our D is a sophomore from east of the Mississippi. She loves it there, although having some problems with not having a car. What a great school!</p>

<p>ROFL sequoia, far better.</p>

<p>rainmama- We will want to know it's you, but you'll want to keep your identity secret from those you know. This will be tricky. You'll have to give us a secret code. Like put a wink or something in your new name?! ; ) No, then your friends will read this and know. hmmm...</p>

<p>Hi hayden- I guess it's better not to drive around LA anyway!</p>

<p>Hi all. My s is working on his housing request and looking for roommates. Now. Yes, the deadline for choices is in a few days. He's thinking Arts & Humanities has air conditioning and is new, with lounges on each floor. So that is trumping his previous favorite, Birnkrandt--where I have suggested the triples look good. Any of you want to add your advice? He's a fall admit in film, doing Thematic Option and going to Orientation on June 17-18. Any others going to be there that session?</p>

<p>I have S2 (9th grade) waiting in the wings, so I'll be a ccer for a. um, life. :)</p>

<p>rainmama, you'll have to get really sneaky and pm each of us when the name change occurs. Luckily, my s and his friends don't come here. Um. That I know of. :)</p>

<p>Mine and her friend agreed to change their reference last night. Number 1 spot is now number 2. Her rationale is that it's cheaper and that change will allow us to pay for parking. I know previously she thought A/C was important. I heard the housing decision will be made on the 5th and the decision will be mailed the 15th. Can't wait to see what's going to happen.</p>

<p>To me, A&H sounds really nice, physically, and probably has a bit more relaxed atmosphere. But isn't it pretty far away from the film classes? I also thought the Birnkrandt triples looked like a great layout, with a room dedicated to sleeping. You might have him check out the weekly menus for Parkside and EVK dining halls, just to see if that makes either one stand out. </p>

<p>Having never lived in SoCal, I have no idea how significant the AC issue is. Is it quite hot there in Sept and May? Other times too?</p>

<p>I'm trying to figure out a way to signal my identity transformation. And it can't be snowmama because that would be too depressing! It actually snowed outside Seattle yesterday, and that's just wrong. Oh, and my D is a sophomore, actually, contrary to my previous report!</p>

<p>Two times that I visited USC it was hot for me. 99 degree. It was late April and early Sept. But I think a small fan is fine.</p>

<p>Since I live in A& H, I don't know how bad it gets, but from everyone i hear, the non-AC isn't too pleasant.
In fact, alot of times during the summer, Id be freezing because the thermostat would be set to 65-68. (one thermostat per suite)
Yes that is freezing to me. Yes, i have only lived in socal. =P</p>

<p>Thanks tumbleweed. Can you tell us about the location of A&H? Is it a long trip up and back to class? I know a lot of girls ride bikes--do the boys? My s is a film major but I guess freshman year will also be taking TO classes, too, which will be on the main campus. Also, any thoughts on the A&H community dinners or activities? Great to get your input!</p>

<p>hey there, s is international (just Canada, not too far) starting film in Sept, and he has chosen Cinema Floor (newnorth). I worry about no A/C too since he can't sleep when it's really hot. At the moment he is doing TO but might change his mind. Unfortunately he won't be able to plan his courses till Aug when he goes to the orientation.</p>