USC(Presidential) vs. Wellesley vs. Brown vs. NU

<p>Even though I am leaning toward USC (mostly because of the presidential scholarship), I'm still not so sure where to go. </p>

<p>While I was visiting USC for the scholarship interview, I liked the spirit and everything, but I'm concerned if going to USC rather than Wellesley (or Brown, Northwestern) would undermine my chance of getting into top graduate schools. </p>

<p>The half-tuition scholarship is attractive indeed and will help my parents to pay for college, but I want to choose whatever's going to help me the most in the future. </p>

<p>So, if anyone could tell me about the general atmosphere and the relative prestigiousness of these four colleges, that would be really great!</p>

<p>"prestigiousness" is a GREAT word!</p>

<p>I think your success as an undergraduate will have the most impact on your graduate school prospects, and all of the schools you list should have sufficient prestigiousness if you have an amazing college transcript to go along with it.</p>

<p>If the scholarship will help your parents, I feel (as a parent myself) that you should consider - in addition to
whatever's going to help me the most in the future.

the choice that will benefit those who helped you in the past. It is likely that in addition to your own hard work, your parents may have helped you get to where you are today.</p>

<p>In any case, you have wonderful choices, and truly cannot go wrong at any of those schools. Congratulations on those GREAT admissions!</p>

<p>Brown 100%. I love USC, but if you can't appreciate what an Ivy league educaton is then you don't deserve it.</p>

<p>The Ivy League has the presitge and Brown is my favorite Ivy league school. I would check out the campus to see what you think. Brown has one of, if not the only programs that lets you construct your own unique major with the various classes they offer. Their admit rate was rediculously low this year, around 10% so you are in very exclusive company.</p>

<p>Having said that, my son was accepted to Cornell and right now he is heavily leaning toward USC. For his major, broadcast journalism, he thinks USC would be a better fit. So you need to find the best fit for you by checking out all the campuses.</p>

<p>Congratulations on getting Presidential and good luck!!</p>

<p>Consider also that as a Pres you are invited into the TO Honors program. There are only about 200 students in this and it will be noted on your resume and transcript. The TO program at USC is highly considered. Congratulations on your choices, you can't go wrong.</p>